GOG Galaxy launcher for Forged Alliance Forever

Hello, I've been playing supreme commander for a while, but I haven't been active in this community, so I'm not sure how many times this question has been asked. However, there was a recent big sale on the GOG Galaxy launcher, so I was wondering if the Forged alliance will always support this type of "version"? or at the very least if this case has received any updates or news

@shisui2029 It definitely does, please see our FAQs

can confirm. Bought it on sale recently through GOG and switched so it frees up my steam library for family share when I'm playing FAF. Works great. Kids are quiet while daddy's killing fools with giant robots. lol

OP was a bot and edited retroactively a shady link into his post. I removed the link, but will not remove the topic, because it has some attention from search engines and people find an answer related to GOG.

FAF/Supreme Commander supports GOG Galaxy launcher.

@magge thanks for your work sheriff

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