Game freezes and Crashes in FaF singleplayer and multiplayer 100% of the time within 10-50 minutes.

Been trying to play Faf with my friend all day and every single custom game we play, with or without mods, the game freezes and crashes between 10-50 minutes of gameplay, 100% of the time. We tried swapping hosts but that didn't work. Game crash log included. Please help. We just wanna play. We haven't been able to complete a single game.


Do you get a crash message or does it just freeze? Try to play separately to find out which one of you have the issue.
As a general tip game likes to crash more often if you have it in fullscreen mode, I recommend using windowed mode.

@Giebmasse Theres no error message when the game freezes. The log appears in a separate window though and the game becomes inaccessible and has to be closed with task manager.

Update: Windowed mode did not fix it.

Update 2: It is just me that is crashing. Whether I'm host or not I crash the multiplayer lobby.

Try to update or reinstall your audio driver and set output to stereo.

@speed2 I will get back to you on this when I'm available to try it.

You can also try to delete these folders:


Then ofcourse reinstall the main game, update your drivers etc. regular troubleshooting.

@Giebmasse Trying these now. The aforementioned audio driver fix from speed2 did not work.

@Giebmasse Update. Drivers are updated, game is reinstalled and i tried deleting those folders. Nothing worked. Although worth noting that the crash log is slightly different this time, i think. Crashlog2.txt

Are you using any mods?

Are you comfortable posting your dxdiag as well?

Might be worth looking into general PC stability then, memtest etc.

It still looks like an audio issue to me, one of your last lines in the crashlog says "warning: SND: Error playing cue 1 on bank 5 [music]". You'll notice it's the same as the ones you were getting in the previous crashlog.

Are you -REALLY- sure you have configured your audio as stereo under windows and not as

Try looking up your error on google, you'll get some more insights and tips.

It might be a device incompatibility, or it might be because you are plugging it through USB instead of the audio jack, or it might be the device-specific software giving problems (try closing it or double check the settings there).

One of the discussions that you will find mentions deleting the music files from the game as a "fix", you might want to try that (make sure to make a backup just in case, so you won't have to redownload/reinstall).

This is definitely a sound configuration issue - the final message in that crashlog that refers to the XACT issue, confirms it.

@deletethis It's always been set to stereo so I never tried changing it to something else and back to Stereo. I can try testing it when I'm available again. I use regular headphones plugged into the audio jack of my PC. I'll definitely try deleting the music files too when I'm available again. I'll keep you updated.


@Sprouto I'm glad it's narrowed down to that at least. I can try reinstalling audio drivers again when I'm available. But my speaker's configuration has always been set to stereo. I've never changed it.

@Pearl12 The only mod I've used, if it counts, is Nomads, but the problem has been happening before and after I've installed Nomads, and after I reinstalled the game.

I'll post my dxdiag if we run out of ideas but from the looks of it. It's a sound issue at the very least.

To confirm the diagnosis, use the /nosound switch in your command line - this will disable all sound - and confirm if it's a sound issue that's causing the crashing. Another source of possible sound issues is the additional audio devices that get sometimes get installed with various devices (ie. - monitors with speakers in them, discrete sound cards). Review your audio devices - and disable any that you don't use - or cannot identify - essentially insuring that only your speaker system and/or your headset - are the only ones enabled. We have often seen surround sound headsets cause this issue.

Alright. Deleting the music files in the game folder seemed to fix the issue. Was able to get a 2 hour game in and finish it. Thank you everyone for the help.

You could also set the volume for music to 0. this would also stop the music from playing.
(its disabled with 0 volume set)

but nice to hear thats working now 🙂