How does Game Quality indicator work? And observations

We all know the game quality indicator is the single most important number in all of FAF, for the tears of a thousand nerds are summoned forth if it is ever too low.

So how is the calculation produced, exactly? What is the algorithm it uses?

I ask because it has been my experience that it is accurate in 1v1s and most team games, but wildly inaccurate in games with high rating differences, such a 5v5 team games featuring players rated -100 alongside players rated 1700 - a different of 1800 points.

So what is the exact formula? Is it possible that it inflates the value of points at the higher end of the scale? Sort of like a cartesian distortion...


Interesting. Can you simplify it for those of us who don't multiply matrices in our heads?

Nope, it's a messy code with no documentation (from Zep times), Im not feeling like going through it.

If you'd like to know the full details then this would be a good place to not just start but also finish your journey.

And for a more informal description:

In the end it's a lot of math. I don't think that the code used in the file referenced by Speed2 is the exact implementation discussed in the links, but it may give you an intuition 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

@speed2 Would it make sense to simplify the calculation then?

Idk if it can be simplified, I havent checked how it works. But it can be documented, thats for sure.

@speed2 I think it would make sense to replace the came quality indicator with a simpler calculation that we can document to show how it works.

You want proper calculation of trueskill. If it can ne simplier, sure go ahead. But it still has to be calculated with trueskill

I don't see how this is relevant. In larger competitive games the rating system isn't explained in detail either. Why would you think it is useful to show how it works? In all cases it will be math-heavy and the majority of the community won't be able to understand it without a college degree of some sort.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I agree as long as the majority of the community cant even understand basic build orders or game mechanics, why bother make something actually complicated accessible to this bunch of tards.