cannot build some things anymore t2


i cannot build shields anymore with t2. This is with commander and also with engineers. i can also not build radar anymore. and t2 missile defense.

maybe there are other things i cannot build, but this happened to me the last few games i played.

how can this be? i also asked other players and they could build it.

i have this with cybran, but i think its also with other factions.

i have maked screenshots of it.

We need to know a complete list of the mods you are using to have any chance to help you with this.

i dont use mods, i just logon a game someone created.
like i have also a problem creating a game, its says title not there. so i also cannot create games. i have screenshots.

i just join a game, doesnt matter which one, i always prefer no mods. i never just mods,

Make a short video about what you are trying to archive, I bet this will tell us the flaw pretty quick.

here are some pictures. just joined a modless game. at dual gap with cybran. and as seen in picture when i tech up to t2 i cannot build shield tower t2 or radar t2. also with engineers i cannot

Umm, play in higher resolution? Don't use such big UI or you know, just scroll the building list if you don't want/can't use smaller UI?

@geertjanwest1 What happens when you click on either button? e7ceacfc-0363-4ba4-bfc4-d8a07832d526-immagine.png

edit: whelp, problem solved!

yep ur right hat stupid from me,.....

There is an in game setting called "UI Scale" which will make it easier to see more icons at one time, so that you don't need to scroll across to see every structure.

Change the percentage until you can see clearly.

alt text