Can unit costs reflect adjacency bonus?

Is it at all possible that unit costs could reflect the adjacency bonus their factory is getting?
![alt text](66b6e086-d949-4de8-ad15-0975f2217a64-image.png image url)

Currently for example the mass and power cost of a unit shown to the player is always the same regardless of any bonus the factory may actually be getting. If we could get these costs more accurately reflected then it may help promote adjacency as a concept.

Though I'm assuming it may be something we cannot change in the engine itself.

It shows a floored value and does change based on adjacency
If you hit the economy overlay button top left you can see the actual values.
But I just tested it and it definitely shows the cost changes with adjacency in the ui (-3 m vs -4 usual)

I don't think we are talking about the same thing, sorry if i was unclear. I was referring to the costs of making units, which i believe changes based upon any adjacency bonus their factory has.

The build menu should show the base cost, since adjacency is applied only to the factory and not engineers that can be assisting it.

Factory is then showing the correct drain when building the unit with adjacency.

Also might have other factories with different adjacencies assisting that factory.