AI-Uveso (v98) - AI mod for FAForever


@gladry AI being suicidal is "fun"? Basically, I need to play Supremacy or Annihilation so the game won't end in 7min. Anyway, I take your reply as a "No" to my question.



you can always download any earlier version from the FAF Vault.

This is the download link for the actual version v98

Now, if you want to download version 97 then use

For me it would be more helpful if you could describe why and how the commander commit suicide.
So we can make a better ACU fight fuction.

In case you want a quick solution and you play singleplayer then you can just change
a line in my mod to prevent the commander to attack and suicide to much.

In my mod the commander has a braveness factor. In case the braveness is positive it will attack and
redraw with negative braveness.

Just find this codeline in my mod in your mod folder and change the number from 0 to maybe -10
(there you can also see how the ACU function is detecting threat)

This way the commander starts with a negative braveness and will redraw way earlier.
You can also set it to -30 and the ACU will stay in base.

Also if you see that the ACU is under attack and don't react to it, make a screenshot or vid and post it here.
This way the ACU function can get smarter over time.


Where can I download AI-Uveso version 91?
For Mod NutCraker AI i need v91



you only need to change the V0091 in the URL to any version you want:

Are you sure you need version v91 ?
I tested right now the Nutcracker AI - fixed from the vault and its running with the last Uveso AI v98


Sorry for question. Is there any way to make AI works with T4 shield mods? I tries lots of T4 shield mods, and AI dont build any of this. With Total Mayhem and Black Ops game ends up too fast even for overwhelm AI, and as modding noob i cant figure, what should i do to help AI understand how to build/upgrade shields from side mods. Can you help with any info or manual please?


There's no way to do so on your end. It would require additional AI code to understand and use the new units.



i have done a mod with T4 Shields that can stop also nuke weapons and its fully supported by AI
with additinal AI builder/platoon former


First I must say that my friends and I really like this AI, well done 🙂

But we think we may have found a small issue.

This was on seton's clutch and happend in two separate games.

We were 1 hour+ into the game and we had to defend against nukes and experimentals from the enemy AI. But when we fired a nuke ourselfs from the backmost spot, the AI had a massive base but no nuke defenses.

We think this is caused by the AI not knowning we had build the nuke launcher (no units could get near the base in the back).

Could you tell us if the AI should always be builiding a nuke defence?



thanks you for your kind words about my AI!

Your guess is right, you protected the nuke launcher, so the AI could not scout it.

Since the AI is not cheating in the way that its using a map hack or something like that, you can
foul the AI with good protectiong or cloak/stealth units.
(Or use onmi-view from the lobby options to disable fog of war for the AI)

There are 4 builder that are responsible for anti nuke buildings.

The first builder checks if the enemy has at least 1 nuke launcher: Defense.lua#L673
So it will only build a nuke defense if it can see more than 0 nuke launchers on the enemy player.

The second Builder is building nuke defenses depending on the enemy launcher / own defense ratio Defense.lua#L702
it will build 0.8 times defenses than enemy nukes.
That means it will build 4 defenses to defend against 5 Launchers.
(the first defense under 0.8 will be build from the first builder)

Then the special case if an enemy player has an "Yolona Oss" (Seraphim Experimental Launcher) Defense.lua#L732
Here we build 3 nuke defenses for every "Yolona Oss" from the enemy.

Last but not least the counter for Nuke-Subs Defense.lua#L760
Here we build 1 additional defense for every 2 nuke submarines.

Do you think the AI should build at least 1 nuke defense without knowing the existence of an enemy nuke launcher ?
If so, when or under what buildconditions would you like it?



Thanks for the reply.

At least one nuke defence in the main part of the base makes sense.

We always build them as soon as we have a few T3 energy generators up, because we know at the 35 min mark they will come and we want to have plenty of defence.

So somewhere not too long after reaching T3, but maybe not have them fill up competely since they cost a fair amount of mass to build them.