AI-Uveso (v112) - AI mod for FAForever

found the bug why civilians are not attacking the units from uveso AI.

will be fixed in version 109.

Update 27.Feb.2023(v110)

  • Opt: added ghost map for units that are under the fog of war

Update 17.Feb.2023(v109) (only released for developers)

  • Fix: added missing threat values for hover movement layer in target manager
  • Fix: removed CanPathToCurrentEnemy function that requires a navigation mesh.
  • Fix: UnitUpgradeTemplates are now a subtable from UpgradeTemplates
  • Fix: StructureUpgradeTemplates are now a subtable from UpgradeTemplates
  • Fix: fixed a bug that prevented the score screen from showing
  • Fix: Pathing function was missing map threat
  • Fix: OnDefeat function updated to the latest FAF version
  • Fix: added missing baseLayer to AddBuilderManagers hook
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where civilians would not attack AI units
  • Opt: increased speed of pathing function.
  • Opt: scout will now check for already scouted areas
  • Opt: engineer will now use the hover instead of the amhibious layer for pathing
  • Opt: removed temporary map-path table from marker generator
  • Opt: naval factories should no longer overbuild units
  • Opt: AI should no longer build to much sonar
  • Opt: platoons are now using the target manager more often

@Uveso Here's a log from a recent game I played. If you've got the time can you see if the error was in the AI or something else. The other mods enabled were Brewlan, Extreme Wars, the BlackOps mods, and Total Mayhem. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled both FAF client and the game on steam along with running the sfc /scannow CMD prompt. game_19408063.log


there are 2 errors in your log:

warning: SND: Error playing cue 1 on bank 48 [ursstream]
         XACT: Invalid arg

This sound error will cause gamecrashes, please fix!

* AI-Uveso: AIExecuteBuildStructure: All checks passed, forcing enginner TECH1 AEON sal0119 to build TECH1 T1Resource uab1103

This is a warning and tells us that unit sal0119 has no build templates and the AI does not know how to handle this engineer.
It is also possible that unit sal0119 is incorrectly configured as an engineer with no ability to build structures.

At least we should check the unit sal0119 and check why its causing this error.
don't know what mod this is from - maybe a BrewLan unit.

For now, i would suggest you fix first the sound problem,
then we can continue to check / fix the engineer issue.

here is some help to configure you sound system:

Your configuration is correct if you no longer have XACT: Invalid arg errors in your log.

Hi there!

First of all thanks for the amazing work. I wanted to ask are there any specific circumstances where the AI half way through the game after a few tech 2 unitsProduced. Stops producing them and ONLY pours out t1 spam? Is there something I need to do or install?

Since last update, Uveso (and Swarm) no longer work for me. Did update break something for all or only for my install ? I tried reinstalling AI but its still same. Commander just stands still and doesn't move.

Update 11.Jul.2023(v111)

  • Fix: fixed some issues with the new FAF game version
    (Thanks to Relentor for providing this fix)

Update 23.Aug.2023(v112)

  • Fix: fixed an error in unit upgrade function
  • Fix: added unit templates to upgrade support factories

Hey @Uveso , I've been having crashes when running only AI-Uveso alone with no other mods. As well, when I seperately run total mayhem without AI-Uveso (Because Uveso crashes), there is no icon support. I have downloaded both mods through FAF vault. I also got a notification each time saying "failed to save dump file to... (temp directory)"


can you provide me a game.log?