Suddenly, my game is in Chinese.

One day, I try to host a game in FAForever, and when the game lobby loads up, it's in the Chinese language!? [it might be Japanese or Korean...] Reinstalling FAF did nothing. Reinstalling Forge Alliance on steam did nothing, and all the languages in steam and FAF client are set to English.
What did this?
How do I fix it?!Screenshot 2022-02-24 00.50.50.png

Better start learning Chinese then

First thing to try is to change the language in the settings.

I don't have screenshots handy but the way to change language is:

1 - hamburger button (in the client, top left)

2 - click on "settings," which is the second-to-last option in the list

3 - click on "language" which is the third-to-last option in the list

This post is deleted!

@arma473 I checked that list, it was and still is set to English.


  1. goto
  1. start ForgedAlliance.exe

  2. Options ->

  3. Language (first option under Interface - 2nd tab)

  4. Tick US -> last item in the list

If that doesn't work, you need to redownload everything from steam, verify the files.


That did it! that was the first instance of Forged Alliance that was NOT in enlgish, and your pictures helped me find the language settings!

I launch the game from the FAForever client, it too is now in english!

if I launch the game from steam, it was in english, and there are no language settings!


Not only did Magge have the right answer, Magge showed visual cues, going above and beyond the problem I had. I feel so privileged that someone would do that for me. VERY moving.

But that begs the question, why do I need Forged Alliance installed on steam if FAForever clearly isn't using it? A question for another day, Now is the creation of a new holiday, MAGGEDAY!

I shall crack open this bottle of sparkling white grape juice in your name, MAGGE.

I feel I should also thank others who posted suggestions. They didn't work, but it was still helpful in ruling out a method that doesn't work, and that is still a step toward a solution, thank you all as well.