Visibility Of A Game Lobby Hosted By A Foe

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First of all, sorry for the excessive toxicity here and there back in the day...

Now that this is out of the way, let's begin.

Is there a way to make the FAF Client not show game lobbies hosted by foes?

This one is a real party killer for me, here how it goes:
Feeling in the mood to play some Supreme Commander, opening Custom Games tab and I see a lobby hosted by a foe, and that automatically evokes negative emotions - driving away the mood for Supreme Commander action.

Now some of you might think: damn, what is with you and foes?
I can explain: FAF has a huge number of players, lot's of them are cool, decent people and some of them, for me, represent something I really don't like (won't give any examples, we all have our own views on what's good and what's bad). Water is wet.

I don't see a point in seeing a game lobby hosted by someone with who I don't and won't play.

So, is there a way to turn off visibility of lobbies hosted by foes?

If not, do you think that an option should be added to the client?

The Honorable Recall

Sounds like a very good idea, I'd agree with this one!

Not really sure what the point of this is. Host is one person. There can be however many people in the game. Any of them could be a foe. They could join in after you. I thought there was a change at some point in time where if you're hosting then people you've foe'd can't see it or can't join, but I can't remember as I pretty much don't foe anyone and I don't think have been foe'd myself, at least by anyone who I'd actually notice if they did.

Yes that’s right. If you’re hosting then anyone who you’ve foed won’t be able to see or join your game.

If you’re gonna add filtering of games where you foed the host you might as well just filter out any games that have one of your foes in them. It wouldn’t be any more difficult to do.

I want to be able to filter out only those game lobbies that are hosted by a foe, not lobbies with foes inside as players.

Adding such filter should not be a problem, because there are already filters alike: Show private games and Show modded games.

I really don't care, either I don't see games with foe as a host by help of a filter, or simply just because the host is in my foe list.

Why you should be reminded about existence of a foe by seeing his lobby? For me it seems reasonable not to see those foe-host lobbies.

A host-foe is a specific type of foe, it's not your average lager or some hater, and I will make some examples why:

  1. Foe-host can be a premade only player (here we go with the premades again...), which means that he hosts a game to play with his premades against some random players. For what reasons it may be is irrelevant to this topic.

  2. Foe-host can be an unjust kicker of players. The lobby name has no "100 games minimum" in the title, players with less than 100 games join and get kicked. Also good example would be kicked while there is no "no specific location" in the title. No CPU limit in the title - same story.

And for those who see someone kicking like this and still playing with that host, you are encouraging this kind of behavior in the host, just letting you know.

  1. Foe-host simply can be a person who you don't like, same way as someone might dislike me.

And I ask again: why one should be forced to be reminded of existence of those foe-hosts? Less trash in everyone's life, you know ; )

The Honorable Recall

Python client used to color foes red in the game list view, maybe this will be enough.

I dont get it, u could just not join the game.

@spikeynoob said in Visibility Of A Game Lobby Hosted By A Foe:

I dont get it, u could just not join the game.

There are two approaches to finding happiness. Learn to deal with negative thoughts and emotions as they arise, or change the universe so that you do not come into contact with anything unpleasant. The first takes some time and personal effort, while we have a bunch of developers, who work for free, that can do the second for us.

@thomashiatt what happened to the whole "u should not be hurt by words" ideology? That mase me think you supported the fist approach.

Remove the thin layer of civility from my post and you will find my typical snideness criticizing both the OP and developers.


Good point.

But it seems logical not to see the foe-host lobbies.

If you don't like something around you, you can try fixing the issue (which I did, by creating this topic (the "try" part, because I can't do the "fix" part myself)), or you be like: nah, I will just look at it differently, no change needed.

I am not forcing the developers to create anything, the idea itself is logical, an logical addition to the client, that is the only reason why this topic even exists.

By the way, isn't it kinda funny, that you can play with your foe-hosts and they can't play with you-host? : )))

The Honorable Recall

Or, again, we could just color friends and foes in the games tab. All of the convenience, none of the compulsion.

Yeah aren’t friends already colored when they join a game? Could easily and simply be the same for foes if it’s not already

@mazornoob said in Visibility Of A Game Lobby Hosted By A Foe:

Or, again, we could just color friends and foes in the games tab. All of the convenience, none of the compulsion.

The idea is no visibility for foe-host lobbies what's so ever, like total black list or ignore.

I get a feeling that the community doesn't like the idea, I won't support this idea any more.

The Honorable Recall