CPU performance tests

I presume the intent is to watch the replay at max speed fully zoomed out? If so, here's some stats for the table:

Ryzen 9-5900x, stock boost behavior, dual-channel dual-rank DDR4-3600
Radeon RX 5700XT

Lobby score 103, replay 11m10s

edit: Reran this a few times, seems there's a lot of variance. Runs as low as 11m02s, as high as 11m22s.

Intel i5- 12600 KF, 32 GB DDR4- 3600
lobby score : 82, replay: 10m 37 sec.
During the replay, I dropped once below +3 (to +1 during the final air fight)

@skyhawk TY buddy, i was wondering why my 5900X was 123 rated, at the beginning i thougth it was cause my ram is 3200 instead of 3600 like you, but I found that my CPU was stuck at stock speed and never boost.
He was running at 3.7Ghz all time, even on heavy 1 thread load.

So, after some CTR 2.1, it now run at 4,925Ghz and is rated 102!

Double TY, my pro software is smoother too! 😊

Intel i5-12500
DDR4 3200

Lobby: 89
Replay: 11:22 (not sure if i measure it properly, stopped timer at 'Replay over' ingame message)
Speed: +2/3 during major naval fight, +1 for few sec during air fight

Ryzen 5 1600 3.8Ghz, 32GB DDR4 3066CL14

16:06 running the game on the second core
16:28 running on the first thread

CPU Score: 162, around 210 if I set the frequency to flat 3.2Ghz and without thread optimization.

There is a new performance test in development and you can already try it.

check pinned messages for instructions

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I tried the benchmark map but it doesn't work, there are no units or anything (other than my ACU) and no score appears after 3 minutes. I followed the instructions.

Meanwhile here are my results for R5 5600X running at 4.85GHz with 32GB DDR4 3066CL14

10:08 replay time
91 CPU score in the lobby test.

3600, 64GB 3200CL15 Ram: 13:15 (Lobby 144)
5800X3D 64GB 3200CL15: 9:23 (Lobby 98)

Runtime seems to benefit from the X3D, the Lobby Score is not so great compared to other CPUs.

Hi just got an i3 12100 was getting 97 in CPU test


7700x with bad memory 32gb 4800mhz cl40 10:36, saw +2 only once. Lobby score was ~77.

I have a laptop with a 7945HX and best I have seen is 72 but can get 74 regularly

Laptop with 5600H + 32GB memory (3200 Mhz, Dual Channel, Dual Rank, CL 22) took 13:32. Lobby score was 116.

PC with 7800X3D and 32 GB memory (6000 MHz, CL 30) has a lobby score of 74. I am currently testing the replay. But this may take a little while, because my sharp timings of the memory are not 100% stable yet.

Update: Even with stock setting the Replay always freezes exactly at 7:37 (ingame Timer) on my 7800X3D machine?
Does onebody know why?

I used the Replay with ID 8097180.

Check the log using F9 or CTRL + F9, it may contain more information

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Can be deleted.

I am a bit late to the game. But maybe someone will find it useful.

I am using a very old pc, i5 2500k, 12GB ddr3 (dual channel) and gtx 1060 6gb. Right now my ram is set to 1600 9-9-9 xmp profile. I tested stock cpu vs 4ghz vs 4.5ghz. I am now in the process of testing how memory latency vs frequency affects the game. I used the replay someone here posted, the one ending with teleport to kill SMD and nuke destroying paragon. I attached the replay incase someone else wants to use it. First number is lobby score (best of 5), second is time to finish the replay attached using the cheat code wld_RunWithTheWind. I start counting the moment i see ingame map, i stop counting the moment i see "replay ended" message. I record the replay using OBS and use it to calculate how much it took without having to be sitting and waiting for replay to end. I also have FPSMonitor overlay with statistics running for some useful stats. Here are my results:

I5 2500k@default 285 17:35s
i5 2500k@4Ghz 246 15:48s
i5 [email protected] 220 14:36s


It's just time to build a new computer, i still mostly play RTS games

Is a 3D CPU from AMD the better choice or just go full raw power and core speed?

I think i will keep my 2080ti 1 or 2 years longer, still enough for 1440p

The 3d CPUs of AMD are extremely good at this game and can manage up to 10.000 units without slowing down the game. I can recommend the 7800x3d, or the 5800x3d. This game is primarily CPU limited; it runs fine on much weaker GPUs than the 2080ti

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Thank you, that's what i was not sure about. In the past all you needed was IPC and fast RAM but with chips like the i9 lineup its like 300+ watts...

I think i'll give AMD a try, much lower TDP and this 3D cache sounds amazing

@jip said in CPU performance tests:

The 3d CPUs of AMD are extremely good at this game and can manage up to 10.000 units without slowing down the game. I can recommend the 7800x3d, or the 5800x3d. This game is primarily CPU limited; it runs fine on much weaker GPUs than the 2080ti

I was assuming the X3D parts would do well in FA, but hadn't seen much mention of them.

Do you have any idea how much of a boost an X3D part gives over it's non X3D version or the difference between a 5600x and 5800X3D would be?

I have no direct comparison, you can use any existing material that compares the two. As one example that resulted from a quick search (do turn off the sound):

You can relatively safely assume that the impact on the FPS in these games is identical in Supreme Commander. And specifically for Supreme Commander, it does not only apply to the framerate but also to the simulation. Which matters most when playing alone (against AI or a campaign, etc), as in a multiplayer game it runs as fast as the slowest CPU. But you can be certain that you're not the slowest CPU when you're rolling a 5600x3d.

Based on basic tests a 5600x3d, the 7800x3d and the 7950x3d can manage about 10k units in a 'regular scenario' without the game slowing down. Which is pretty impressive 🙂

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