[Discontinued] Ethereal FAF Client 1.0

@spikeynoob I know some C#. I've been getting my ass kicked looking for a job so my confidence is -9000. I think I'll fork the project and try to recreate his work in AvaloniaUI. It will help me understand whats going on. BTW I love watching you're games.

@eezyville mr @Eternal has been very supportive of linux users. Maybe u can help work with him to make the main version stable on wine. We got it pretty close to working but i think we ended up having issues with the ICE adapter and running the actual exe (has to be done through a script). Also, if ur a linux user u should check out #linux-support on the faf discord, we managed to get all the particles and fx running perfectly on linux recently. I even figured out how to get a FA development environment and the FAF map editor running as well.

@eezyville to make it cross platform natively, we need to use something like avalonia. I working on clean wpf with some graphic library. It will take a lot of time. You still can use Wine.

@eternal I have some ideas on how to make wine work, but ive taken on alot of game dev/balance team stuff so im a little busy rn. When i get some time i would be down to discuss trying to make it work.

@spikeynoob Yeah, no rush. I am currently busy at work and doing some other work on client

@Deribus You can close this topic now

What happened though, why not continue it? 🙂

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@jip Well, the things I wanted to do became impossible 😄