[Discontinued] Ethereal FAF Client 1.0

@Sheikah Updated debug release with application exception catcher, i hope it will show the exception window. https://github.com/Eternal-ll/Ethereal-FAF-Client/releases/tag/v0.00001-betaDebug

Mostly chat related hotfixes https://github.com/Eternal-ll/Ethereal-FAF-Client/releases/tag/v0.00002-beta

Personal in browser OAuth badge. Will be fixed late, design preview on second screenshot


Last pre-release updated due to new OAuth parameters used by client

Ladder players, are you ready to hide your replay streams / replays / movements from replay server while training in custom game? 😃 Or do you want to use client and hide any activity with games?

Please, for the love of god, never ever put players' avatars on the right!
There is one good pattern everyone's used to: avatar, flag, name. And it feels natural, too. DO NOT BREAK IT!
A good idea is to reserve some blank space for a missing avatar, or put a placeholder. Not bad idea is actually not putting an avatar at all in other places but chat. But breaking the consistency is not going to end up well.

@nuclear_justice i was lazy to remake them in lobby cards XD I will fix it with next release

if there will be at least one player with ava, will be added extra space

Improvement of UI update

Can show context menu on host


@Eternal you're awesome, thank you 🙂

I see that this was written in C# and uses WPF. That means it won't work in Linux or Mac. Why are you developing a new FAF client? Whats wrong with the one written in Java?

@eezyville why? Because it's interesting. What's wrong with official one? I don't like it, that's all

@eternal Well thats a good enough reason. I may try to help since I know a little C# and want to contribute to projects. But I use Linux and WPF doesn't work in Linux. Maybe I'll try to port it to Avalonia UI and see if that will work.

@eezyville You can try to launch it with Wine at least

@eternal no luck with wine sadly. I throws some sort of dot net error. Maybe proton tricks or some shit can fix it, I’ll try to mess with it in a bit.

@spikeynoob Can you send me error messages? Does it even launch?

Just realized there is a Beta out. Client looks very nice. I was pleasantly suprised by the intro video. I think that adds a lot to the first time experience of the client.
Some things I wish for:

  • easy way to migrate friendslist from Java client to this one
  • the homepage looks very cluttered I prefer the layout from the Javaclient a lot. Forum is a nice addition, not sure if nice enough to break the clean layout.

Keep up the good work!

@bangernoob hey thanks for feedback. What do you mean by "cluttered"? How I can fix it. Because there is ambitious plans for additional functionality

New release https://github.com/Eternal-ll/Ethereal-FAF-Client/releases/tag/v0.3-beta


  1. Updated user-agent to matched client name. Now we can look how much users use this client.
  2. Fixed chat lag on load or on channel change
  3. Fixed chat bug on leave from channel
  4. Added possibility to watch live replays.

From player context menu will be launched selected player live replay.
From game context menu will be launched replay from first player in list of players

The newspage for the old client has a handcrafted layout every week, kind of a shame to throw that out. Also I dislike the transition into the backgroundimage:

these forum topic links:
catch my eye faster then the images of the news page for instance. I think it is also questionable to put them there bc they will have to be maintained. Threads get outdated etc.

Also the online player search window does not belong there imo. Just takes up space/ attention and is redundante cause of chat feature.

I would suggest to copy the original newspage and mb add the forum window below.