Astromania 1vs1 tourney

Турнир Кратеромания копия.jpg
Date 29 January, 12:00 GMT

TD: FAF Putin (T_R_U_putin)
Map: astro_crater_AC
Tourney format: Single elimination, finals BO3
Settings: 1vs1, 1000 unit cap,any position

Rating cap: 800-1700

Prize pool 27 USD (will be raised if donated additionally)

1st - $17

2nd - $10

Maximum amount of participants = 8
(can be extended to 12 if donated)
Registration ends 1 day before the tournament

To register - write message in this topic
Chat: /join #astro

video announce (sarcasm mode on)

Дата 29 января, 12:00 GMT (15-00 по Москве)

Карта: astro_crater_AC
Организатор: FAF Putin (T_R_U_putin)
Формат турнира: Single elimination, в финале BO3

Установки: 1на1, 1000 unit cap, выбор любой позиции,
Рейтинг игроков 800-1700

Призовой фонд 2000 руб. (может вырасти, если будут целевые донаты)

1е - 1300р

2е - 800р

Максимальное количество участников турнира = 8
(может быть увеличено до 12, если задоначено)

Регистрация заканчивается за 1 день до начала турнира.

Для регистрации на турнире впишите имя и рейт под этим объявлением.

Канал турнира в клиенте ФАФ #astro (на вкладке ЧАТ нажать на плюсик и вставить текст с решеткой)

Регистрация Salnik (1700)

T_R_U_Baka (1600-1700)


@ahtohob 1700 максимум - не получится

@t_r_u_xela_slave а, сори, не заметил

Im in. Pryanichek 1500

Sorry for my English. I use translator

Signing u-
Rating cap: 800-1700

profile picture credits to petric

I can't find this map

@melanol said in Astromania 1vs1 tourney:

I can't find this map

Go to the replay vault
Find replay ID #16166755
Watch the replay
The FAF client will automatically download the map for you, in order to show you the replay

(You don't have to watch the whole thing, you can quit 3 seconds in.)

I'll join! 1500 rating.

@zwaffelnoob Too fat for kid sandbox

I think I can. ggg85272(800)

Melanol (800). The probability of me attending is 60%.

@melanol said in Astromania 1vs1 tourney:

Melanol (800). The probability of me attending is 60%.

you will be reserved player then. u will play if we miss anyone

@t_r_u_xela_slave Can you please verify that my account is 800+ at the moment of registration so that I could go play and risk going lower?

@melanol There is no need to verify it now. It is easy to look up your score history.

I can search in the vault for all ranked games by player "melanol" in a certain date range. If I click on one of the replays, it will show your rating (the rating you had when you went into the game, plus how that particular match changed your rating)

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