RCIV - Spacenet ~ 3v3 ~ $1,200

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How about we make the Finals a Bo5, and if losers bracket wins... play a 1 game tie break?

That's the exact same thing as a bo7 with the winners bracket team starting 1 game up. Aka what is the norm in every tourney

I like that better.
A Bo7 with 1 game assigned to winners bracket at start,
which works out to 3 games minimum and 6 games max played.
With 3 games played during the semi finals, is 9 games max for day.
Will put that in tourny rules 🙂

Pre release News Splash, being released on/around Jan 6th.
Thanks Rowey - It looks great!

Add me in ❤
Global 1690
Ladder 1400

Меня запишите, Глобал 1066, 1v1 1198 Регистрация на турнир

Add me in too - 1705 global and 1488 1v1. I'd like to note in advance that if I do get to play and win anything then I'd like it to be donated to the Oranje Fonds as I think they do great work.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I am in , global 1357/ ladder 798

I am in , global 1709/ ladder 1217

Tentatively sign up, availability TBD.

sign me up!
Inspektor_Kot : 1737 global / 1787 ladder

runners up from last year signup again and accept invitation.

Sign me up: 1800 Global/Ladder

This post is deleted!

@willywankernoob said in Rainbow Cup IV ~ 3 v 3 ~ $1.2K:

runners up from last year signup again and accept invitation.
"1 - Nexus-.........................2510-c -+- hurzer99.................1715 -+- Protect.................1632. .....= 5.86K"
small change in ratings and names.
1 - Nexus-.........................2512-c -+- TreefolkNoob.................1912 -+- WillyWankerNoob.................1901. .....= 6.33K

This will be a mistake @Fearghal

wdym if you got the top 3 players currently signed up on a single team then the nexus team would have like a 65% chance of losing!


You would quite literally need all 32 of the current highest rated global players (including all the dudes with absurdly inflated rating due to only playing dual gap or sentons or astro or only with their friends casually etc) in order for this tournament to be competitive with that team.

sign me up please 1904 global/ 1985 ladder

Please use for signups.

Submit the higher of your 1v1 or global ratings, and
If your FAF Player name is different from your Forum name..
please also State your Player name.

Thanks for registering.

The average rating of all current signups is 1750 while the average rating of team nexus is 2100 with the added advantage of them not being randomly chosen with a captain system. Seems like the entire advantage of the captain system, ie fair and balanced teams, is completely negated with this.

About 42 Maps chosen, now to test and narrow down to the 22 needed for the Tourny.
This is the card I kept to keep track of the Land and Water Maps,
and there are a lot of odd size maps bet 10's and 20's.

Search Card.jpg

willywankernoob said in Rainbow Cup IV ~ 3 v 3 ~ $1.2K:

runners up from last year signup again and accept invitation.

oh jesus christ hurzer99 was banani? This team is INSANELY stacked, because both banani and protect have improved massively since last year. just save them the time and give them the money and avatar ahead of time and let us enjoy a way more balanced tourney without them participating