Advanced target priorities v1.1 need help with code


How to add Mobile Missile Launcher in list ? I want give an order my arty shoot in T2, T3 rocket units, when they will be in range.
It would be ideal to add t2/t3 Mobile Missile Launchers to the "arty" button


I'm not sure but I think they are already classified as artillery, so the Arty setting would include them.

I can help further, but it will be about 10 hours before I'm off work.

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in orders.lua:
Arty = "{categories.ARTILLERY}",
so I think there must something like:
Arty = "{categories.ARTILLERY * categories.MOBILE * T2MobileMissiles * T3MobileMissile}",
I'm not a programmer, but that's what it's supposed to look like.
So I hope you will help)


So I have had the same problem. But I finally figured it out.

Any unit that launches a 'Missile' is categorized as a "SILO" unit, eg: Tactical missile launcher, cruisers, and of course mobile missile launcher, also the Strategic missile launcher falls under this category as well. So anything that is housed in a Silo effectively.

For anyone in the future trying to add specific types of units and or categories not commonly known, here's how:
(Example: adding Missile units to Arty target category)
1. Navigate to:
2. Select the unit(double click) and then open the link as marked below in Red.
3. Scroll down until you find the categories section and identify something unique in that list to specify that unit.
In this case, I found 2: "SILO" and "SNIPEMODE".
4. Navigate to your order.lua and add wherever you like, for me I wanted my Base artillery to prioritize enemy Missile launchers and Artillery & offensively when attacking also counterfire them.
Also added SNIPEMODE and Tech2 Bot for those Sniper units(Base defenses & Experimentals also have this designation) & that pesky Cybran Rocket bot respectively.

        Arty = "{categories.ARTILLERY, categories.SILO, categories.SNIPEMODE, categories.TECH2 * categories.BOT}",

Arty now targets(in order of Priority):

  • Anything Artillery
  • Anything that can launch Missiles
  • Anything that shoots from long range
  • Finally the Rocket Bot

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Thought on this

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@Rowey @TAO_MACHINE We will be adding a new feature in the next balance patch that allows u to click on a unit to set its type as your priority, that will solve your issue. Until then u can use the solution @DN3 said. though i use a slightly different approach for my own ATP version: MMLs = "{categories.SILO * categories.MOBILE * categories.TECH3, categories.SILO * categories.MOBILE}", is a new category i create, then i change my first column of ButtonLayout to {"ACU", "Units", "PD", "Engies", "Shields", "EXP", "MMLs"}.


I did help this guy about half a year ago xd

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Yeah, my post was mainly just to help any future newcomers because I couldn't find anything showing a more troubleshooting approach to a unit that doesn't have an obvious category name and wasn't shown in the original post(old forum) or here.

I don't normally go around dredging up 9-month-old threads XD


Sorry of this isn't the right place but I've recently had an issue with UEF Titans ignoring their target priority set to ACU, I've had to manually right click them to attack the ACU when he was clearly definitely within their firing range


titans can't prioritise acu: