FA Sound Issues: Some sounds play once, then nothing

This issue has impacted me for years but I used to be able to fix it by restarting my computer. This is no longer the case.

When I join any game, early game sounds (ACU build sound, unit select sound, et cetera) play once, then never again for the rest of the game. Sounds later in the game, such as pings and strategy launch notices, never play.

Attempted remedies:
All steps discussed here: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/796/i-can-t-hear-some-of-the-audio-or-other-sound-issue-what-should-i-do/3
Uninstalling sound drivers
Restarting PC
Deleting game.prefs file
Restarting FAF

My setup:
I use mic-less headset in Aux port and Razor Chrommo speakers in USB port, software switching between the two sometimes.
Windows 10 Home, 64 bit.

Thoughts or steps to fix? Really, I'm at my wit's end here.

I would try removing as many USB devices as possible (in your case Razor Chromo) and try if that works. USB devices include their own sound card as well as sound driver and i suspect the game might not like that. So try with Aux only. And maybe fully uninstall anything related to your USB audio device.

This is an old issue, there are some posts on this if you look deeply.
Seems to be an issue with DirectX.
deactivate sound card in BIOS - unplug 🙂 or the like and reactivate on next boot (needs to boot into Windows once)
uninstall the sound card driver and reboot (and perhaps install after next reboot if necessary)

I did the latter when I lost my sound a few days ago. Also had this issue a few years ago, too.

I've had this problem several times over the years. Disabling sound, rebooting, then reenabling sound has worked for me.

Me too, disabling audio chipset in bios, booting, rebooting, switch chipset back on in bios. Faster than reinstalling drivers for me.

I think the ultimate solution is to install some kind of virtual audio device on the computer and then forward that to your real audio device.

@andi said in FA Sound Issues: Some sounds play once, then nothing:

deactivate sound card in BIOS - unplug 🙂 or the like and reactivate on next boot


I had the same problem a a week ago. Going into the BIOS and only disabling the motherboard audio was the fix for me.

Note: I did not re-enable the motherboard audio. Re-enabling was not necessary since I have another audio card installed which I always use.

work 🙂 thx

after disabling the onboard sound chipset in the BIOS fixed my the sound issue I had (hearing everything only once then nothing), figured I'd drop this here to let people know that is still a good fix