Unit Database Discussion Thread

Here's the place to discuss everything wrong or wished about unit databases.

My first question will be:
Do you know some table where you can sort all the units per type of stats?

Original thread name: Excel about all the units

Nothing like that for all the units exists, you'd have to make one yourself.

You know about the unit database, right ? It's not an excel sheet, and can't sort units by some stats, but it's a good start.

@auricocorico Do you mean Units tab in client? Because there are some very strange/incorrect values, starting with DPS=0, but not only that. Or is there same automatic database that actually corresponds to ingame values?

I don't know what version of the client you use, but the "Units" tab in the client is linked to the database and is up to date. As far as I know it displays units stats pretty well, can you show us those "0 DPS" units ?

I have 1.5.0 marked on down- left corner of client. I suppose this is client version? If this is not correct, how do I update? I have always done proposed updates in menu under my name.

Units tab is just a webpage. It's unitdb.faforever.com.

I have the same problem on webpage. Approximate DPS 0. And some other things probably. How do I post screenshots in this forum?

if you mean this thing about jesters having 0 dps it has already been reported.

What else is off?

Also, posting screenshots is pretty easy, you can just paste whatever picture you have in the clipboard.


Note that conserning croisers, Ithalua (sera) missiles are supposed to cost 300 mass! And Covernor (uef) missiles, considering raw damage 300, firerate 0,10 and fire cycle 32 are supposed to make 3000,1032=960 dps! Marked this one 120.


I think no need for more screenshots?

@wikingest ...I really wonder when this got broken. Either well, good job noticing this.

You should definitely make a more detailed thread on this issue so someone can have a look at this.

You can change the chosen database to spooky which doesn't seem to be having this issue: https://faforever.github.io/spooky-db/#/

Yea @wikingest this database you're using is the old rackover database. Right ? It says it's from 2018 at the bottom of the page.

Spooky database is updated and functional.

I had absolutely no clue there was even a newer version of it.

Why is the site still linking to this old version?

@auricocorico I am using the database that shows up in the client. And MazorNoob pointid to it also. Also, you yourself sayd that "units" tab in client is linked to database and up to date.

Well my client "Units" tab has always led me to the spooky database. I didn't know that in other people's client it could lead to this outdate one ...