Looking for Voice Actors to help with Tutorials


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I'd potentially be down to do some recording as a guest.

I've never done professional voice work, but I've got plenty of on-camera experience 😛

Portfolio: http://youtube.com/linustechtips

Yes yes yes, tagada don't pass up.


We’ve already discussed this a bit in the promo discord but I’m gonna drop it here too for the benefit of everyone.

I don’t think tutorials are really the best place to be bringing in Internet celebrities. It really just distracts from the main point of the tutorial which is to get you to focus on the build order you’re supposed to be learning or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see some FAF promotional videos with big ticket youtubers, but that would be better placed in some sort of trailer or advertisement.

I’ll reiterate my position which is that for the best results we should employ free lancers from fiverr who will produce extremely high quality audio for a pretty damn cheap price (anywhere starting at… $5… yea that’s why it’s called fiverr).


If Linus voices something it should be a youtube trailer for FAF, not a build order tutorial.


Please tell me the FAF team is going to take use of Linus' very generous offer in some way, shape or form asap! Please!

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Is it possible to playtest something already?

In general, missions should always be made without voiceover first. Especially if you want to have a bigger script that covers multiple missions. Text placeholder are enough and flexible.

Because at the time you make the voiceover, you fix in place the text/story for all eternity. You need to make sure that your script actually works well ingame before you start any kind of voiceover work.


The mission was made within 3 days and that was 2 weeks ago, you can playtest it if you download the files from my github (https://github.com/Tagada14/faf-tutorials) and set up an innit file + an exe to launch fa with the correct init. Since then I was working on the script with Ftx + making sure that the voiceovers will fit time-wise during the mission.
The problem with placeholder texts is that they pop up always for 5 sec which means that most of the time the player won't have enough time to even read through it as well as it makes it difficult for me to time the mission well.


Have you asked speed2 or somebody? it seems really weird to me that you cannot time the text bubbles. Ill try to play it when i have time, maybe weekend. I think it makes more sense to concentrate on playtesting before creating voiceovers of any kind.

If the time really cannot be changed for text, i would just use a simple text-to-speech AI generator for now, or just have a random guy speek it into mic unprofessionally. Good things are made in iteration, you definitely want to gather feedback before you make the final voiceovers.

Edit: Alternatively, if putting audio into the mission is tiring, we could just generate a number of "silent tracks" for each length in seconds like


and then you can just quickly measure your own voice while working on the mission and insert the corresponding wav. I could create these audio files in minutes if i know the correct audio settings.


As far as I know the pop up remains as long as the audio file still has anything in it. The default time is about five seconds.

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I will write a longer post tomorrow but to clarify :
Dialogue pops up for the duration of the video. If there is no video specified it uses back up and it lasts 5 sec.
I've already put the whole script through text to speech and adjusted timings through other means to simulate how it would look like with real voice overs + videos. At this point what Is left to do is approving the script, the voice actor and the style he will be recording in. I also could use a few people playtesting the tutorial to see what they think.

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