Seraphim ACU+SACU meme build? Does it work?

So I play mainly navy or air, but a few days ago I found out that dual gun seraphim ACU (might want to throw regen in there too) has a whoping 1440 DPS. Which prompted me to start leaning/playing front. In terms of raw stats other commanders have what, 200 dps. Thats excluding cybran laser which I would argue is an end-game upgrade.
That 1440 DPS with auto overcharge is an absolute monster in t2 and kills commanders in fractions of seconds. Its not extremely expensive either and seems like it can be rushed at t2 stage with a few front line engi's assisting.

Get the speed and range gun upgrade at normal timing while spamming t1 arty, then around the t2 stage transfer to t2 bot spam and rush out that 2nd gun + t1 back regen. T2 pd creep can be deadly while your upgrading, but once you finish, you can steamroll almost everything. (Ive ran my commander into a t2 firebase before and won easily.)

In the t3 stage its no shock UEF percy and Cybran Brick are much better than the seraphim t3 tank but in terms of raw stats/mass at that point wouldnt spamming seraphim OC/rambo combat SACU be a better option than t3 tanks?

Ignoring build times, the percy and brick both have roughly 7500 hp, 320 dps, for 1.2k mass.
The seraphim SACU has roughly
15,000 hp, 400 dps for 2k mass. However you have upgrades of 14,000 hp boost + 265 regen for 2.5k extra mass, 20,000 hp shield for 1.2k mass, and OC for 4.5K mass.
In total thats roughly 10k mass for 29k hp, 265 regen, 20K shield and OC Vs 9 percivals. Not to mention the SACU can vet way easier, and the biggest upside- if you win you get all the reclaim instantly.

Ive never gotten that far into a game to try the combat SACU spam. But the last few games ive been going all-in at t2 with ACU upgrades and it seems to work extremly well.

I assume the mass SACU instead of t3 tanks isnt viable in practice due to range/speed/build times, otherwise I would have seen it more often. But the t2 all-ins are insanely strong.
The only weakness I can see is fat boy spam or strat snipe, but you die to those either way anyway.

TLDR: Seraphim dual gun + rambo OC Sacu spam good in theory, but is it good in practice?

Not really. A fully rambo sera com is pretty expensive at 13800 mass and 800k power. Plus each rambo boy is another 10k mass and 500k energy. You will also need the power overflow to constantly over charge from 3+ acus. To kill a t3 unit you need 3 e storages per sacu. Really it just takes to long to build all of this. Chances are if you are trying to do this at a reasonable time your gonna be a empty slot for a long time. Also, getting a full rambo acu and 1 sacu plus the power to overcharge constantly(lets say 2 t3 pgns) already costs more than a GC in mass (30280 vs 27500). Plus if your against a aeon or seraphim you will just get out kited by sniper bots and by a fatboy if the enemy player is UEF.

I used to often go for double gun double regen Seraphim Com on Atro Crater. Its hilarious when it works but it really has the problem that you are a pure eco slot until T2 stage, and the build is only fully completed at early T3. On Astro i eco until i have 1 T3 mex + 2 T2 pgen, and then i quickly get to T3 air to build T3 pgen for the expensive upgrades and to pump out ASF while i walk com into enemy firebases. Its doable at T2 with like >7 T2 pgen but that is not really faster.

Good players will counter you by either pushing all coms during T1 or air snipe your energy / build power during T2 or have enough gunships / defense set up and/or have a monkey ready to defend against your com. Also sniper bots counter you quite hard because the strat relies on your com getting vet during the assault phase, which it cant get it if is kited.

I would say its a fun meme strat but it can easily go wrong and your teammates will hate you if it does (and with good reason).

Please show me a replay where someone "rushes out" nano and splash gun. That's 326,000 energy.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

I've won with sera SACU spam a few times, but that's on astro craters. You have the build power to get AA on the fly, and can take out ground experimentals mass efficiently if your opponent doesn't micro well. However they're slow and hence vulnerable to kiting while your opponent will have plenty of time to get defences if you try and attack with them.

I essentially see them as a 'jack of all trades' type of unit. They give an eco boost, but IIRC it's about half as efficient as a RAS SACU. They've got a good DPS and mass for their cost, but are slow and have a poor range. They can give you AA, but it'll be fixed and can't handle large amounts of air at once.

They're also the only SACU that gets the TML upgrade, although so far my attempts at getting a sneaky snipe with this have failed as you need so many to punch through multiple T3 shields (and if you fail with the first launch the opponent will move their com and get more TMD).

@zeldafanboy said in Seraphim ACU+SACU meme build? Does it work?:

Please show me a replay where someone "rushes out" nano and splash gun. That's 326,000 energy.

I can make a mazer by minute 14, double Sera gun should be doable by minute 12.


While playing front? Mazer com drop is a sneaky surprise that works because your teammates cover your ass until it’s done. Don’t see how you can get and spend the required energy for double gun Seraphim while also “spamming” Illshavohs

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

For a similar style but alternative strategy, there was one game I played a pretty long time ago where I used the sera super rambo acu (double gun and double nano) and it looked fairly effective despite poor micro and op loyalist stun (at that time). Jagged casted the replay. Note, this was a 2v2 with fullshare, so it forced opposing players to devote a lot of resources into trying to stop my powerful acu. It wasn't really rushed too much. While I eventually died (note that as Jagged comments in the video, loyalist stun was nerfed shortly after this), your opponents should be behind because the acu killed a lot more mass in t3 units than is invested in the acu. In that game my teammate wiped them out pretty easily afterwards. It is certainly powerful in a 2v2 fullshare situation, somewhat less in other situations.

@zeldafanboy Rowan gets it in 15 minutes in the most recent Gyle cast.

And dies lol.

Could have done a ton more damage if he played it a bit safer

the only game I can remember doing it and it working.