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pink ones just look like weir candy that have fallen on a weird green table, doesn't feel like bushes or trees.
The orange ones are nice



5km x 5km 1v1, featuring more of the new props. Mostly finished. Uploaded and eagerly awaiting playtesting.

Floralis Overmap

Floralis Vanity


You're doing gods work Captain.


Tamara Pass

10km x 10km 2v2. Going back to basics with this one. Very unlike me to upload a map that actually has finished decals, but there you go, I guess I'm growing. Thanks to Arch and Jip for lots of help on this one.

Tamara Overmap

Tamara Vanity


Wow, Capitan realy wonderfull work...the map pleases the eye


Amazing work dude. Really wish I knew how to do this but I am glad you do. Just incredible.

Let there be light


maybe i should make a quick tutorial


@captainklutz Yes, tutorials are always good

FAF = Femboy Alliance Forever


@CaptainKlutz if you want to make any mapping videos let me know and possibly get them linked to the FAF youtube or can upload them with credit to you ?

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Want to post it here now I've been asked about it a couple of times- I am open to the idea of commissions. A 10x10 map for me takes anywhere between 8-16 hours from start to finish, and if we go for a generous €10/hour, that works out to easily over a hundred for a 10x10 map. However, this assumes I'm doing it from scratch. It would depend on each case, but I'm willing to discount if given clear directions and sketches. Or, I might just like the idea so much that I'll do it for free, like I did with Astral Craters and Forest Nothing.

In any case, I like hearing ideas, so don't hesitate to talk to me about any you might have.

I also won't stop making maps for free. The inspiration just comes and goes, and now the leaves have fallen from the trees I'm lacking it. But seeing as I have 3 maps in the matchmaking pools right now, I expect replays on those will be nice to watch. Thanks to everyone who's been staying tuned and continues to help and encourage me. I wouldn't be able to be where I am without you.