Wars of Glory (WoG): A (currently unfinished) rebalance mod with a fresh perspective on SupCom core gameplay.


Wars of Glory (WoG) is a balance mod which fundamentally changes—in many cases, re-imagines—the fundamentals of unit and economy balance with an emphasis on epic games, massive battles, slower, deliberate gameplay, and deep strategic and logistical options. It’s a somewhat slower paced experience with a pretty different balance model, and it might appeal to players who like the SupCom strategy-over-micro based philosophy but might be offput by the speed and intensity of FA(F) games.

It's easier to show what I'm going for than to tell-see this video.

Also, it isn't finished (about 65% done), and I'd like some help-I've realized redesigning the entire freaking game might be too much for one man to do. It hasn't been uploaded, because, again, it isn't done.

While the mod is complex and has a lot of moving parts, it can be boiled down as follows:

  1. Unit damage and speed has generally been reduced; range has increased. As a result, battles take more time to resolve, giving the player more time to plan and execute strategies. The game takes longer to play, but has a more relaxed, almost board-game like feel.

  2. The economy system is based on holding onto and developing existing mass points instead of taking new ones. Mex upgrades take not a lot of mass, a ton of energy, and a long time.

  3. Tier advancement is integrated into the commander engineering upgrade. T1 engineers are the only engineers (unless you're Aeon), and can build all three tiers when the commander is upgraded.

  4. The factory upgrade system has been replaced with a "two-factory" system. Standard factories produce Tier 1 unites, where strategic factories produce Tier 1-3 units. Once you build a strategic factory, it can construct higher tiers once the ACU's build suite is upgraded.

  5. Units and tiering have been reworked, with higher tiers playing a support role for T1. T2 is directly T1 support, where T3 is more experimental like than in FA(F).

This mod has been made more or less “for fun” and is not meant to replace or fix FAF (as a 200-level player, I refuse to even try). Many of the balance mechanics predate FAF, FA, or even the original SupCom, and are rooted in gameplay concepts I’ve had in my head since the original 2006-era interviews/media/etc. To some degree, I’ve been planning this mod for 15 years!

Anyway, let me know what you think and if you want to help out.

Also, these guys:


Sounds like a perfect mod for my No Rush No Nuke No Arty No Tele 12 the Pass games B)


I really like the big T1 pgen, energy storages as upgrades and fabricators. Looks almost like how adjacency should have been done, though it also reminds me of Tiberian Sun a bit.

Making the Tiers broader focused on the ACU, or something else, is also a great idea.

However, I find the regular game slow enough as it is (yes I miss Starcraft 2), so this is not for me.


Can't wait to give it a spin 🙂


Not sure if I'd actually end up using this myself much since I personally like the faster paced game, but I love the concept and the work and thought you have put into this! Sounds like something a lot of people would like to use and I'll be sure to give it a try once it's finished.


Very interesting. Any news about naval affairs?


@blackjaguar I haven't started on naval yet.

The philosophy of the mod is generally "if it looks big and expensive and powerful, it is." Frigates would probably get quite a buff and be more similar to the T2 ships in cost/size/etc.

That being said, vanilla FAF naval is probably the most in line with how the balance design for land and air is working, so it might not be as drastic as those other two tiers.

I'm open to suggestions!