Something something new caster.


Something, something, I was bored and playing FAF is not an option so there we go.
Janus Flying Circus
Replays go there -
Or stay in this topic.


Meanwhile, we have a new caster.

Also meanwhile, Janus are pretty sexy and so is farms ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Funny ascent


Thanks, I hate it.

Anyway why is this so hard to get hang of 😞

But hey, at least after the second cast I realized that I should slow down with the pace and instead of trying to force a play by play should try to opt into color casting.

Anyway here is the cast numero zwei: FaF Cast - 2 - The Fall Invitational Qualifier - Yudi vs ThomasHiatt on Ganges Chasma


Great tone & attitude! I like the style, good stuff!

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