Replays offline

Hello everyone. My internet is kinda weird so I cant afford turning internet on while watching replays. But without internet I cant start them. Can they work without connection to servers? How can I watch them?

Skill issue

Edit: Just listen to ZLO

Update: ZLO is right, I couldn't get the replay to launch unless I was logged in to the client.

Once the replay starts, you shouldn't need to be logged in at all until you want to look at the next one.

Uhm, you need to log into the Downlord's client in order to start a replay.

You used to be able to use python client to launch replays, since improved compression was added to replays python client no longer can run new replays.

You used to be able to simply open replay fire with forgedallliance.exe but not sure why it no longer works now.

so you need to be online to watch replays afaik.

If you just want to have fun, maybe you can find some youtube or twitch content and download it while you can and then just watch it when you are offline

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You can start watching them and then tab out and close the client. The client needs internet before starting them to download the correct game version, mods, etc.