Zero people on 2v2 queue?

How many time does getting a game on 2v2q?
I see zero people in q =(

It is not easy to find a 2vs2 game via the matchmaker. The playerbase is too low. The best time is in the evening (europe time zone).

do custom games account for ELO?

There are currently three rating systems. Ladder (1v1 matchmaking), TMM (2v2 matchmaking) and global (custom games).

None of them currently interact with each other.

@kdrafa91 only for the global rating. the 2v2 rating is independent of that. More on that here:

In the evening (EU timezone) there are always enough players who are in the 2on2 queue.

As soon there are more than 4 players in the queue, people actually get matched, so they dissaper from queue, it might just be that everyone is already in game.

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It’s starting to gain a little more momentum after a hiatus. I can’t imagine it catching on as much as global, custom games any time soon though.

Just keep at it and don’t give up, because if you do others will.

I live in north america west coast, almost no players at evening here, have to wait weekends to play. Why americans suck at RTS??? Why it is not popular here???

West Coast evening is in the dead zone, yeah. It has about 3x as few players as we get at peak times. Best thing I can say is to try playing a bit earlier so you can catch the East Coast which still has a good bit of players online (1200-1500).

I’ll echo what FTX said, West Coast US is pretty dead if you only play after a 9-5 day job like I do on weekdays. It’s sad but not much to be done other than try to play a bit earlier to catch the East Coast players. That’s usually what I attempt to do especially while I’m working from home. Keep trying though maybe we’ll get more of us eventually. I evangelize FAF to people I know irl on the west coast in hopes of getting more active players

Different timezone (CET), but I've had a pretty easy time finding games on the 2v2 queue. It seems like it's becoming more popular

Honestly it’s really not much better on the East coast after working hours…

I’m at ~1750 tmm and ladder, have a lot of trouble getting any matches after working hours.

There really just is not as many people in the US that like rts, but yet we’re having a good time as we have Nexus, Turbo2, Tex, and Swkoll which combine for a rather stellar representation…

Only problem is that it doesn’t seem to really influence power to mid tier play…