Is there a way to automate structures builds? Mex specifically

Making a ui-mod that automate engineers actions, can roam around and reclaim, can go to mass deposit, but cant build mex on it.
Is there a way to make it build something without clicking?

A sim mod would be able to do so, a UI mod can not as far as I am aware (and if it can then I think it is considered cheating)

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Does the Shared Armies Mod work with an AI teammate?

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Found a way through SimCallbacks.lua, but it sim method. it is BuildMobile function.

how to send command, like UI click do?


There is a reason why you only can use some sim commands via simcallback from the UI.
Its simply to prevent cheating.

Also using sim commands from the UI level of the game with a UI mod is considered as cheating.
(using simcallbacks as example)

So please don't ask for help in this case. Also not for proof of concept.

In case you want to make a sim mod, you can have any help you want.
Have in mind that this sim code will not help you with any UI modification plans you may have in mind.

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@uveso whot about sending command, like if i clicked it? no simcallbacks use


UI mods are not allowed to issue sim commands.

If you want to move a unit, only a sim mod is allowed to do it.