SACUs: which types are actually useful?

I find SACUs a mysterious corner of the FAF universe. At my level (~1000, mostly ladder), I rarely ever see them built. I’m currently only aware of three applications:

  • RAS SACUs for ecoing
  • UEF bubble shield SACU as a mobile super shield
  • Seraphim/Aeon rapid fabricator for massive build power (not sure if worth it), or to reclaim after naval battles

I’d love to hear what better players do with SACUs. For example, would you use Seraphim rambos as a land force instead of/after Othuums?

Oh well,
->the best combat option might be sera overcharge SACU since it can basically be an exp killer in late game
->RAS SACU's for getting eco
->Engineering SACU's would be great for dropping plateaus or some fast reclaim though not sure about those due to their cost

it all depends on your game situations,let's just say that RAS SACU's are more of a generic usage so you can't get totally owned if you put mass into it.

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

Engineering preset has its niche uses : when you have a pragon obviously, or when the map is covered with reclaim. Example : play phantom on ranoake, a naval battle next to your island leads to a mass field you can only collect with sacus (most of the time cause engis die too easily). In this situation engineering sacus are faster than RAS to make, and provide with a great income from fast reclaim.

But this will soon be obselete talk, sacu rework is in progress no ?

As far as ladder is concerned none of them are particularly useful. This is one of the things SACU rework is trying to address

Thanks to all three of you for your responses.