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RE: Ejected: Invalid Player Data

The idea of the minimum username length is that users should have at least a meaningful syllable.
This requirement was introduced 7 years ago for the registration, so affecting new users. However, 100k+ accounts already existed back then.

We have 162 semi-active accounts with less than 3 characters, so this game change should be rolled back @Jip

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RE: Losing connection to random player during the game

There is no solution.
We don't know the cause. It could be a different individual problem on each pc. It could be something general with some network settings. It could be a bug in our software. There are multiple problems we noticed, but none of them explain the disconnect issue.

There is a slow progressing attempt to rewrite the ice adapter too be able to diagnose the problems better. But there's no ETA whenever I have time and motivation to progress there.

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RE: Why would you have left FAF?

Why do I even need "yet another button" to enqueue? Why not automatically be enqueued as soon as you check any of the queues.

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RE: Can't Host new Co-OP Mission - Overlord Surth-Velsok

Probably something went wrong when deploying the files.
I need to look into it after my vacation.

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RE: Build templates created no longer save when not playing online game

Never, this likely just means the game can't write to the prefs file for some reason

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RE: I don't know what I did...

warning: Unable to find file /mods/umt/modules/linq.lua

Looks like you are missing a file for a mod

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RE: More connection issue - but something seems to be off

Host candidates are all candidates "harvested" from your network interfaces - virtual or physical. So a 10.x.x.x address or 172.x.x.x appearing that you don't know could be a virtual machine network adapter or a docker network. Other ip addresses could stem from VPNs or other network services (Hamachi, ...)
Server relexive is the ip address a coturn server sees when you connect to it. If is not your public ip, there indeed is a problem. Are you sitting in front of a proxy maybe? What does show as IP?
Relayed candidates are basically the ip addresses of the Coturn servers that offer TURN traffic proxying,

And yes basically all our self-hosted coturn servers get DDoS hammered as soon as we publish the ip.
Global is a 3rd party service that cannot be ddosed.

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RE: More connection issue - but something seems to be off

I don't understand your problem. If 2 people play over LAN they are still running through the ice adapter.

Line 3 shows your external address retrieved via STUN. The rel address is just metadata and not used for connecting (I guess it just picked a random local ip)

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RE: More connection issue - but something seems to be off

Also why would we exclude private networks? There are people playing over LAN.

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