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RE: Client 2022.6.0 Features

I'd propose a configuration option with choices:
Only in game
In Lobby

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RE: java error in the client launcher.

Most likely something is blocking the client from talking to or you have a spotty/bad connection that just drops.

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RE: Player Colors not working after updating to 2022.6.0

@strife said in Player Colors not working after updating to 2022.6.0:

Just out of interest. Can you say what additional color functions are planed? Is it planned to show enemies and friends not only in red and blue but in different red/blue shades? Of course that would be a huge improvement for that mode!

You can see drafts of what the functionality may look like here

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RE: Player Colors not working after updating to 2022.6.0

This was due to a change to the game code on FAF Develop. A patch was made to add functionality to the team color mode but additional lua changes need to be made as well which will soon be released.

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RE: Client 2022.6.0 Features

If they don't have steam installed or don't have it running it doesn't do anything. All this does is allow the built in steam in the game to record play time and allow the currently present steam integration in the game to work as if you launched it from steam.

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RE: Error after update 2022.6.0

Server was down briefly should be back up now

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Client 2022.6.0 Features

New client can be found at

What's Changed

New Features

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RE: It's not a wiki if people can't edit it

If you can stop random people registering for FAF, then entering the forums to post random generic text just to sneak their advert links into our page, then, well then we might open up the wiki for everybody again.

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RE: Old Random Map Generator Code

Thanks Duck, I had been curious to see if I could find the code on the old forum and was sad to see the bitbucket was no longer around. It will be fun to see how you did things and what the differences are.

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