Seraphim eco-SACU

Build Time

so basically:

  • eco SACUs will be unable to build enough to spend their own income
  • you will need to spam engineering stations or t3 engineers on top of SACUs
  • you need 2-3 gateways instead of one, to compensate for the slow build time
  • Seraphim will build 3 basic SACUs for every eco SACU of the other factions

I don't think I agree with the slow ass Buildtime. 3x the buildtime seems a bit too much.

you can always add in the engineering upgrade, to get BP with your SACU

I don’t onow about Knight but BP thing is mostly an aethestic issue for me (that huh an SACU which I always felt was mewnt replace the T3 Engineer, and so some extent T3 MBT. Now has less BP than said T3 Engi /confused). But it is what it is curious to see how SACU’s will be used now.

I’m a shitty 1k Global. Any balance or gameplay suggestions should be understood or taken as such.

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I thought that Support Command Units were supposed to be like the ACU only you get to have more. The ACU only has 10 buildpower when it gates in and I don't understand why Support Command Units would have any more. They should have to be upgraded to get more buildpower or combat abilities the same as a normal ACU would, just with a different set of upgrades.

Perhaps the big difference in build power is related to the ACU teleporting directly into the world, whereas the SACU come thru a gate, and don't have to undergo what must be a rather difficult and expensive process to reach the planet. Dunno really - just a thought to give some credence to the difference.

I think sprouto is correct in terms of lore

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Also the fact that the SCU is t3, then look comparably at the BP of an ACU at t3 tech.

If they really are nerfing SCU to 20bp then its garbage change. Hives and Kennels will become the mainstay of all build power, because t3 engi simply don't cut it with their garbage pathing.

SCU seem okay where they are at the moment and those complaining about RAS sacu don't know how to open a spreadsheet.

I thought that the seraphim didn't get RAScoms because their shields are very strong, strong enough to fab spam everywhere and have it be sorta safe.

Quite frankly, every single time the balance team decides to "nerf BT" it harms those two factions which evidently scale by far the worst in build power, the most. Namely Seraphim and Aeon. Can we please stop this already?

It should have been evident enough by now, that simple calculation by rate numbers doesn't cut it - given how bad the path finding of the stupid engineers affects actual possible growth.

Well, I overread the statement about the engineering station. It's hell about time. Thanks.

Still, consider to stop BT nerfing anyway, as compensation by "just more engy stations" will harm sim speed - for effectively no real change.