World map? Risk style?

Has anyone ever made a resource accurate world map for FAF? That could be fun I think. Put starting locations at the big alliance points. Could be a good trend. Maps of real places to war on. Just sayin.

Sorry if this is an old idea.

If you type "Earth" in the searchbar of the map vault, you'll find a few different versions.
Plays terribly though, maps are too large.

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Ahh, so it's been tried at least, I feel like there's potential but I guess it's just not gonna get explored. Thanks 🙂

Dirty-Dan (FAF username) hosts games and makes maps for historical scenarios.


I made a variant of Dirt-Dan's Pacific map (with permission). It has been modified to work well with AI, fixing a number of pathing issues. It is an adaptive 16 player map, and can be played as a regular map with no AI. SE Asia is the resource capital of the map, but difficult to defend. China and the US both have fewer resources, but much more defendable. At 40km, it does play a bit long. I might make a 20 km version for playability speed.

There are also a variety of Europe and World maps in the vault. Though anything over 40km, the board game Risk might actually be faster. If only there was a DefCon mod for Supreme Commander! Would make that 80km world domination map playable.