Stoping a units movement without altering the command que

Is there a way to prevent a unit from moving or null out its movement, without changing the units prior commands?

I ask as I'm seeing issues with teleporting units, where sometimes they are being thrown beyond the intended destination. Using self:SetImmobile(true) prior to the teleport doesnt help. The teleport destination is good as i can see the warp-in effects at the location selected. Just the unit (randomly) shoots over and past the destination.

alt-right-click (or was it alt-right-shift-click? I forgot) to remove the movement command's path node it's executing?

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@resin_smoker There's already a key bind for that regarding engineers. I think it also works on units loading into a transport, but don't quote me on that.


Thanks but, maybe i should of mentioned that this is being performed within the units lua, not via the games UI.

Have a look...

Init_Shadow_Step = function(self, target)
	if myDebug then WARN('Init_Shadow_Step, Target: ', target:GetBlueprint().BlueprintId or 'failed to pull Blueprint for target unit') end

	if not self:IsDead() then

		--Get the location and size data
		local myPos = self:GetPosition()
		if myDebug then WARN('	myPos: '..repr(myPos)) end

		local tPos = target:GetPosition()
		if myDebug then WARN('	tPos: '..repr(tPos)) end

		local mSizeZ = self:GetBlueprint().SizeZ
		if myDebug then WARN('	My Size Z: ', mSizeZ) end

		local tSizeZ = target:GetBlueprint().SizeZ
		if myDebug then WARN('	Target Size Z: ', tSizeZ) end

		--Calc dist to target
		local tDist = VDist2(myPos[1], myPos[3], tPos[1], tPos[3])

		local wpnMax = self:GetWeaponByLabel('DoubleLaser'):GetBlueprint().MaxRadius

		local minRange = wpnMax
		if myDebug then WARN('	Mix range: ', minRange,'	Target dist: ', tDist) end

		local maxRange = wpnMax * 3
		if myDebug then WARN('	Max range: ', maxRange,'	Target dist: ', tDist) end

		local sizeAdjDist = (tSizeZ + mSizeZ * 5) - tDist
		if myDebug then WARN('	Adjusted teleport distance: ', sizeAdjDist) end

		--Only warp out if within the right range
		if tDist > minRange and tDist <= maxRange  then

			--Set the flag so that the warp can not happen more than once without first running Warpclock
			self.WarpReady = false

			--Prep the unit for warp
			self:HideBone(0, true)

			--Snap our unit to face towards the target (can act buggy at times, hence the delay before the warp takes place)
			local vector = utilities.GetDirectionVector(tPos, myPos)
			if myDebug then WARN('	vector: '..repr(vector)) end
			self:SetOrientation( OrientFromDir( vector ),true)

			--Keep the unit from dying during the transition


			local checkPos = nil
			local warpPos = nil
			local terrain = nil

			--These checks ensure that our unit can path to the warp location and that its destination isn't below the ground
			while self and not checkPos do
				warpPos = self:CalculateWorldPositionFromRelative({ utilities.GetRandomFloat(-5.0, 5.0), 0.1, -sizeAdjDist })
				if myDebug then WARN('	warpPos: ', warpPos[1], warpPos[2], warpPos[3]) end
				terrain = GetTerrainHeight(warpPos[1], warpPos[3])
				if myDebug then WARN('	terrain height ', terrain) end
				if terrain > warpPos[2] then
					if myDebug then WARN('	adj warpPos height') end
					warpPos[2] = terrain + 0.1
				checkPos = import('/lua/AI/aiutilities.lua').CheckUnitPathingEx(warpPos, myPos, self)

			--Violently warp in
			if myDebug then WARN('	WARP!') end
			Warp(self, warpPos, OrientFromDir( vector ))
			for k, v in self.WarpFxFiles do
				CreateAttachedEmitter(self, 'url0305', self:GetArmy(), v ):ScaleEmitter(2.0):OffsetEmitter(0,-0.5,0)
			self:ShakeCamera(2, 1, 0.5, 0.5)
			DamageRing(self, warpPos, 1, 5, 250, 'Force', false)
			self:ShowBone(0, true)
			--Warp was aborted due to improper distance to target, so reseting the flag
			if myDebug then WARN('	Warp aborted due to ranged') end
	if not self.WarpReady then
		--Restart warp engine

You can retrieve the navigator and call AbortMove, see also the implementation of the hotkey in the sim side.

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@jip Weill I'm not trying to cancel a move per say as I am attempting to keep the unit from being thrown as a result of a bad teleport. Maybe I should make a video as its rather hard to explain.

Video of the error:

In the meantime, I'll try using self:GetNavigator():AbortMove() as you've suggested.

No dice with self:GetNavigator():AbortMove()....

Looks like I may need to create a safety code to ensure the unit doesn't get thrown under the ground. Possibly to recall it to its original position, or outright destroy it.

Ok correction.... Performing self:GetNavigator():AbortMove() before the Warp, not afterwards is whats required. Not seen it fail yet but I may need to script in a function to remove it from under the ground, should it get stuck.