Enable / Disable recalling games


Some people recall the game for no reason, and other players sometime click yes not fully understanding the impact of their choice.

we sometimes wait over 30 minutes to fill up a 6 vs 6, and some games are recalled after 15/20 minutes of game. This is extremely frustrating. It should be a choice by the host to allow the game to be recalled or not.

This is a pretty bad idea. Recall is the option for the team to vote if they want to continue the game. By disabling this, you are "forcing" play a game they might not want to continue.
Otherwise players will just randomly quit and that is even more frustrating / confusing for the team. In most of my games if I vote to recall, and my team votes no, i continue to play (even in a brutally crushed position) because apparently my team sees a way to win. If this feature didn't exist I would just leave.

Maybe some players don't "fully understand the impact of their choice" but they will do so after the first (or maybe only at the 2nd) recall. If they don't.. well, we can't change game mechanics because people are incapable of learning.

I've thought of making it optional at the time of implementation. The reason recall was implemented was to introduce a graceful option to concede the game at any moment when (roughly) the entire team agrees. At the time players would force it by CTRL + K'ing their base. Making it optional would not just be confusing to players, it would also just make them CTRL + k their base again when recall is disabled and they just want to start over with the same people.

@nuggets said in Enable / Disable recalling games:

well, we can't change game mechanics because people are incapable of learning.

This is actually a very good reason to change game mechanics and/or user interactions 🙂 , but it does not apply to recall.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Maybe we could change the name. "Recall" is indeed not a very obvious name for forfeiting

@jip said in Enable / Disable recalling games:

This is actually a very good reason to change game mechanics and/or user interactions

Not if you fuck over all the people who made the effort to learn!

But in general yes, there will never be a perfect solution to ending a game. You will always have the guy who ctrlks at the first sign of trouble, and the guy who hides acu in the water for another 10 mins.

@blackyps Indeed 'Recall' is maybe not the right term to use. Not English speaker may not fully understand it, and even for English speaker it might not be that obvious.

some option:

  • Exit Vote
  • Leave Request
  • Exit Poll
  • Withdraw Vote
  • Leave Poll
  • Departure Vote
  • Leave Game
  • Quit Vote

Term Quit / Exit / Leave are much easier word to understand than Recall

I personaly like Exit Vote

@jip Why did not you make it optional ?

This post is deleted!

The word recall is thematically consistent in Supreme Commander. It’s used in the opening scene when you first boot up the game outside of FAF, and it’s mentioned periodically throughout the campaign. Even if it doesn’t work as well for non English speakers it shouldn’t take more than a single recall, maybe two if someone isn’t paying attention, to figure out what it means. If you can’t figure that out after one or two times of it happening idk what to tell you.

Edit: Surrender vote would be the most obvious generic choice that would also translate better into other languages. I still wouldn't like it because:

  1. Generic is boring when we have an established in universe term for it
  2. It's really obvious what ends up happening, even if we made up a completely ridiculous term for the recall vote anyone should be able to figure out what it means very quickly.

Just play on steam instead. I've found that all my problems with faf go away when I don't use the faf client to play the game. The steam version is superior in a number of ways.

For you personally, obviously no recall exists so that would be of great benefit to you.

Additionally, you will find that the game runs a lot smoother on steam, and there are practically 0 connection issues with players. It is very rare for someone to disconnect from a steam game, unlike faf which has been plagued with this issues since it's inception probably.

Some other small things too. Players are generally nice and are just there to play the game and chill. Of course it is still competitive, but not nearly as sweaty and unpleasant as faf. One of the downsides though is that the player base in steam is sadly quite small. Other than that, steam is great for playing this game.