T2 gunships hit inties

Hi, I was playing some coop and ran into a situation where I was attacked by a large number of sera t2 gunships while I only had a cloud of t1 inties (unit restrictions). I sent my inties to kill the gunships but a while later all my inties were dead along with some of the gunships. I tested this further in sandbox, 50 gunships vs 50 inties, and found that all t2 gunships are able to hit t1 inties. The cybran gunships were the most effective (rapid AoE weapon), aeon second (slow AoE weapon), sera third (decent damage and tanky), and uef fourth.

Now, these situations aren't exactly common. Gunships and inties aren't usually made in equal amounts. If equal mass was spent into gunships and inties, I believe inties would have handily won (possibly great losses vs cybran though). Microing the inties would have also allowed them to avoid most of the projectiles. Smaller numbers will also probably favour inties since they are less likely to be hit. ASF also perform very well against t2 gunships, invalidating the entire scenario. Regardless, it doesn't feel right to me for t2 gunships to be able to hit inties with any sort of reliability.

Not really sure what would need to be done to fix this. Make inties fly higher and shoot downwards? I'm sure that would come with its own problems.

Steps to test this yourself:
Spawn high hp buildings (HQs for example)
Spawn enemy gunships and attack move them into the buildings
Spawn inties and attack move them into the gunships

The thing is, that it's not really a balancing problem, as inties still absolutely crush gunships. Not to mention, it's part of the Supcom flavour that I would hate to see it gone.

After all it's not like gunships can just target inties and fight them head to head. Instead you have to try groundfiring to even hit them. Making it wonky at best, and not something that you can rely at all. Especially considering just how fast inties make work of the gunships.

Projectiles are simulated, so it could happen they hit other units. That's part of the game, not a bug. Additionally, you name several methods to avoid this, so it really isn't an issue.

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As the others mentioned; this is not a bug. Usually interceptors fly above the gunships. But when they lock on a target they sync their own elevation with the elevation of their target. As a result they'll take damage when it flies close to (other) gunships. As you mention yourself, if you keep micro'ing them (with move orders) then they barely lose elevation and therefore stay above the gunships.

The same applies to any air unit that locks to another air unit.

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Alright, good to know. I was quite surprised when it happened so I decided to bring some attention to it in case it was undesirable.

Even bombers can kill inties when inties fly too low and bomb just drops right on top of them 😄 Or arty can kill planes flying over it

people make their soul ripper or CZAR to fire ground on purpose to have them "accidentally" hit inties

in fact i remember soul ripper easy win vs 600 t1 inties (unless you make inties move around on move command so they don't clump up)
this problem was fixed for CZAR and ASFs by applying special armor on ASF against CZAR laser

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