Fast start mod idea: Free instant factory of your choice

Stolen from Zero-K.

Lets you build 1st factory of your choice instantly for free.

Since the default fast start is weird.

I like the idea of being able to just select where the prebuilt units are created, instead of the pre-fixed positions that you have no control over at the moment.

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A combination of the two could be a temporary huge build speed buff for the ACU that ends on the sooner of it constructing a unit; 15s; or starting construction on its 3rd unit.
I.e. the build speed buff would allow a similar effect to choosing where the prebuilt unit (factory) gets built. The other conditions are to reduce the risk of abuse (e.g. getting a bunch of mexes and t1 pgens to 90% completion to avoid the build speed buff expiring).

speed buff means you produce less resources as you build the fac which will likely cause large stalls or needing your acu to remain idle

Give the player unlimited resources for the same time duration, so the buildings are free?

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Temporary Build power and resources tweaks also mean that ACU rotation time will become crucial.

If it’s possible to give extra storage as a temporary buff that could get around the issue (eg if it takes 60s normally to build a land fac then you’d increase max mass storage by 120 and ensure it’s filled at the start of the game)

Unlimited build speed and resource buff until a certain amount of mass is spent?

i am ok with this idea if it is gonna be optional
30 seconds while factory is building is often not enough to think about your BO, check your allies and their factions, assign roles, check reclaim, decide who take what mex and who drops where, whos gonna make t1 air and who does not... tho ofc if you are playing air fac 1rst you will need to decide that before game or for like 1 second.
decide where your engies gonna be going...

how to fix resource problem? just discount the amount of resources that ACU produces for the time that you need to make a factory.
also there are maps where you start in water.
there are maps where you have "desired" factory position kinda blocked by commander so you need to choose between moving and placing factory in non-cool position
That also removes plays where two people could make factory together
also that messes with the BO with 1rst pgen
and on crazyrush you often start with pgen.
on super mass-poor maps you can start with mex

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