When do I use snipers?

Low DPS, miss a lot, low HP, range lower than MMLs, need to keep under shields. What are they even for now?

I guess pros were somehow overusing them, and now they are... this. I was only building them in campaigns to keep under shields, but now they can't even defend against MMLs.

Don’t forget they’re slow

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

They don't get overcharged or killed by t2 + t1 pds under shield

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Against ACUs
Against slow units (Bricks, Percies and somewhat Othuums due to their shit pathfinding)
Against Sniperbots
when there's a stalemate, you force UEF and Cybran to either attack or retreat cuz otherwise they eat free dmg.

For a situation, let's assume you're Seraphim. Your t3 tanks are rather slow, but they have a strong short range cannon. So you want the opponent to go into your range. You form like an ellipse with your tanks and your sniperbots shoot at the opponent. Due to that (if he's not able to kill your sniperbots with enough own sniperbots, arty etc. which will most likely be the case due to your insanely strong mobile shields), your opponent either runs away (you gain ground) or he pushes into your othums (what you want cuz short range cannon).

For another situation see the tourney game Wreck vs. Blast on Emerald Crater.

You can keep them under a shield if you use selection deprioritizer and assist the sniperbot with a shield. So that's that aspect.

What they WERE and are NOT for anymore is "Oh I reached T3 stage? Time to build 5 sniperbots and directly push into the enemy base with them" which is no longer possible due to the need of a T3 PG.


@wtfboomnoob said in When do I use snipers?:

see the tourney game Wreck vs. Blast on Emerald Crater


iirc it was the Lots qualifier from last year. Maybe it's on the YT channel, or still on farms' twitch channel as he reviewed it as well and gave more insights imo. Or just filter for the username and map name in the vault and you're good to go (Doing the latter means you need to think through why sniperbots would've entirely changed the whole position in the game).


Use them whenever you feel like winning. Snipers have one of the best snowballing capabilities, and at some point they cant even be stopped by ravagers/megalth/t2 arty, they will just go straight through them

@terarii Sera snipers no longer outrange ravagers

So, will anybody mention how strong Aeon snipers were? Their range was always 5 smaller than Sera in sniper mode, and it feels like they got nerfed mostly because they were in the same category

sera snipers have siege mode, not entirely sure if they outrange ravager with it but I'd guess so. Besides that, they have the strongest t2 shields meaning if you have a couple of sniperbots with a shield you can still just kill it besides them being in range cuz of their high dmg.

Aeon snipers still did the same. They countered percies, bricks, ACUs etc., the main situation where the range dif mattered were sera snipers against aeon snipers.