Fuck trees


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If we are talking seriously: confusing mechanic (tree groups? seriously?), unnecessary (bad) complexity, easy to fuck up (somehow my ACU and engis bump trees even on autoreclaim), make teammates hate each other ("My trees!" or units moving through tree groups), a waste of engineering power if not grouped (1 mass, 5 energy per tree? bleh!)

It's an engine thing of how a tree group counts as a single prop until it's split, either by explosions or pathing, into multiple props. It would be nice if there was a way that engies knew the prop was a group and therefore bigger and stopped outside of its radius to reclaim it.

Since the change it's not even an instant game-over anymore on 99.9% of the maps if your trees break since you'll get more mass now in total. But it's more time consuming.
The tree groups are a thing where I honestly argue with "skill issue" cuz I can't rember a single non-Seton's game where breaking tree groups left someone in the loosing position.

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

Tree groups are a beautiful feature only seen if FAF you barbarians


@sladow-noob They were worse?

Tree groups seem like an optimization strategy to reduce the number of props on a map. I'm not sure how effective it ever was, since tree groups are at their maximum when the game begins and there is little to simulate anyway. Over the course of the game, they either get broken or reclaimed while the number of units to simulate increases. It also isn't 2007 anymore, so we probably don't need to group trees for optimization.

So it seems like a questionable optimization technique that has now been incorporated as an actual game mechanic that people don't want to get rid of. Unless there is some other reason that tree groups were invented in the first place?


Fuck trees

Tree groups exist to reduce the draw calls. It's why they are part of the game. This is what happens when you break all tree groups on Seton's Clutch at the start of the game:


Note the statistics on the left. Meanwhile I have a 7950x3d with a Radeon 7800xt. And with tree groups:


edit: breaking all tree groups also casually pushes the initial RAM usage from 470mb (with tree groups) to 780mb (no tree groups) at the start of the game 🙂 . That increase is more than 15% of the budget that FAF has available because it is a 32bit application

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