Mod Request: The Vulcan multi-barrel artillery

Remember the Total Annihilation artillery called The Vulcan? It was a multi-barrel, automatic artillery and it was amazing. I looked through the mods and didn't see anything like that anywhere, but I might be missing something. If anyone loves modding and knows how to build something like this, I'm sure plenty of people would enjoy it. I don't think it needs to be a game ender. But a T3, long range (but not entire map) multi-barrel artillery that shoots as fast as you have energy for it. Any body have thoughts?

just sounds like the scathis

Much smaller:

Could be some room (mod-wise) for tactical t3 artillery that doesn't take up a city block, though I can already hear the Fatboy whinnying in fear.

Perhaps if it was at t3 it could be a T2 arty with the scathis fire rate.

Probably if you just copied the t2 arty over and changed it fire rate could be a easy mod except the unit would look the same.

Hello everyone, the implementation is not difficult, but I don't see any point in it because it would really be a little scathis

Yeah but the vulcan is way cooler, non TA players wouldn't get it

profile picture credits to petric


"Vulcanizer" Cybran Experimental Mobile Rapid Fire Artillery


You can find the unit inside the Antares Unit Pack.

Only if you can't find the unit pack, here is my private (not public) copy:

Looks like it should be a uef unit

Ideally, it should be UEF, yeah. But I’m
Glad the Cuban unit pack has something similar, thanks!

I'm cuban B

LOL, I think it auto corrected "Antares" to "Cuban"? Not really sure how that happened.

But more importantly…anyone interested…? I’m willing to help however I can.