Bloom level


Can we add bloom level setting in graphic menu ?
Now i use Console++ mod
ConExecute("ren_BloomBlurKernelScale 1.1")
setting slider
(randge 1 to 1.5)
it's a good compromise between turning off effects and eye comfort


Would be great as some maps looks amazing with bloom while others want you to scratch your eyes off. Being able to settle on some nice middle point would be great.


@robotcat Convert this to a Feature issues on the faf GitHub Repository as this will be seen by the game devs and is likely to be added

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Would it make sense to have "suggested bloom level" be a property of maps that the game could look up

And if this suggested level property is not found/defined for the map, to consult a specially-prepared list of all the popular existing maps.

That way the game would set the bloom level correctly for older maps, and for newer maps, the mapmaker could set it


@arma473 A map already has a bloom property.

@robotcat Seems like a good feature to me. Can you make a feature request on Github?

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