2023 Spring Invitational Qualifier

Hello and welcome to the Qualifier Tournament for the 2023 Spring Invitational. The top 4 players of this tournament will receive invites to play in the 2023 Spring Invitational.

This is a 1v1 Double Elimination bracket with BO3 games in the winners bracket and BO1 games in the losers bracket. The bracket will be seeded based on ladder rating. Each BO3 will consist of a 5x5, 10x10, and 20x20, played in that order.

This tournament is open to all players.

There is no maximum number of players. The number of BO1s vs BO3s in the winners bracket will be adjusted to ensure a timely tournament.

All standard tournament rules apply. In the event of a tie in position occurs (ie 7-8th) which is needed to determine whether a player will advance to the group stage, a BO1 will be played to determine who advances. Signups will close 15 minutes before the start time.

Date: April 15th
Start Time: 14:00 UTC
Chat: /join #spring
Challonge: https://challonge.com/g8x37ynv
Tournament Directors: Swkoll
Stream: twitch.tv/faflive

The top 4 players from the qualifier will advance to the Group Stage. In addition to qualifying for the group stage, 1st place will receive the spring qualifier champion avatar, 2nd place will receive a faction face avatar, and 3rd place will receive a faction icon avatar. Players in 5th+ will be substitutes for the Spring Invitational.

To signup leave a post below.

AutoNoob - 1901
Sladow-Noob 1832
F-Odin - 1819
NOC- 1776
Tomma - 1746
Riot- 1722
One-Above-All 1661
Neytron - 1559
Karbarass - 1571
FFF - 1516
Zasnoba - 1472
Cunningfox - 1394
loxpooig - 1350
MIPT - 1316
Karateka 1301
Finisterre - 1177
ovenman - 827
YungDookie - 818
IGFtactician - 803
END-GAME - 736
jusbeginning - 704
edrok - 512
Hitgirl_ru - 512
Puiucuu - 501
puiu241 - 0

Map Pool:

Cobalt Valley
serenity desert small - FAF version
Stickleback Ridge

7.5x7.5 Mapgen - 2 Spawns - Tournament

10x10 Mapgen - 4 Spawns - Tournament
Open Palms
TAG_Craftious Maximus - FAF version
The Cold Place
Turtle Rocks
Twin Rivers

15x15 Mapgen - 6 Spawns - Tournament
Forlorn Fjords

Bermuda Locket - FAF version
Crossfire Canal - FAF version
Point of Reach v4

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