What do you want mapgen to do differently?

Numerous mapgen settings can be tweaked. Mapgen uses different map styles, biomes, brushes, and many other things behind the scenes. So, if you think a particular texture set used by mapgen should be changed, you could share that, or if you think a certain style of terrain generation is much better or worse than the average, you could elaborate on that, or any number of other things. Feel free to just speak generally and or share specific examples of generated maps that showcase what you mean.

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mapgen is very weak when it comes to water maps, often its either 2 huge islands with 90 mexes each where theres nothing to fight for or its 8 tiny islands with 8 spawns each with only like 6-7 mexes per player, its incapable of generating multiple contested small/medium-size islands (metir for example has those) and games always turn into either 90 min -3 game or minute 10 game with pure frig spam because there arent enough resources to invest into anything else

Also the mapgen settings are too inconsistent and usually they generate maps with a lot of inaccuracies (for example, you host a map with max reclaim value and it spawns only 2000 mass worth of reclaim) which is just annoying and often times it always generates the same type of map to the point where they all look identical, if u guys could fix the issue there could be a lot more variety in mapgen games.

Other problem is that we’re unable to mess with the settings when choosing a specific biome, which also limits the amount of variety, and they often spawn very little amount of mexes, which is why generally people just tends to choose the random option, 1 way to make it better is to make it possible to be able to configure map settings while being able to choose biomes, like for example playing “HIGH RECLAIM” maps with water settings set to max, so u would get a similar map to skadi or metir where u have an insane amount of reclaim, cuz rn “HIGH RECLAIM” maps is never able to generate a single water map.

Yeah the mapgen settings don't seem to work well at all for me, like I've put plateaus on minimum and there's still 6 plateaus, I think its busted. I typically don't like mapgen in ladder 1v1 because it creates maps that are so basic. Like 1000 mex on each player's side with no contested mexes, why would I fight until after 30 mins? The reclaim can also feel all or nothing, I either get like 400 reclaim on map or 50,000. Basically I like maps with balance to mex positioning and reclaim, which mapgen does a poor job at.

Could you add a terrain symmetry setting (ZX/XZ) ? The goal is to be able to generate this type of map with balance opposite spawn.


This type of symmetry is hard to balance.

Having an option for min.max team spawn distances would be nice. Often it will place players really really close together when its not desirable.

Also agree with the Naval comments. It takes quite a few regens to get something that is playable and damn near impossible to get something similar to say white fire.

I'd love to see a biome selection button so we can choose before it generates. I've often found myself looking at a map that's decent for gameplay but has horrible bright orange terrain.

@aegis386 said in What do you want mapgen to do differently?:

I'd love to see a biome selection button so we can choose before it generates. I've often found myself looking at a map that's decent for gameplay but has horrible bright orange terrain.

I misread this as a "blame selection" so that you know who to blame whenever mapgen does something silly

i dont know if the map gen already works like this, but maybe there could be shematic presets of proven map patterns which you can modify trough certain variables. Dual Gap Style (sorry), setons style, plateu corners, plateu mids, river, lake whatever. boiled down to its main characteristics which are proven trough 1000s of matches to be a gud map. e.g. its basically canis but looks flat and empty like crater at first. then let map gen do its magic in modifiying it to a new map with the choosen parameters. it would somehow defy the whole point of having a mapgen but in theory the aim would be get new but more predictable outcomes.

ofc the possibility to create maps out of nothing should still be the main feature.