Ythotha, time for a change


I can count the number of games the ion storm did anything noteworthy in any game I watched/played on one hand.


imo if anything is done about it, it shouldn't be storm nerf, it is one unique thing about the unit and should remain, it also isn't that strong, just move out of the way for 10 or so seconds that it is happening, it is also completely random anyways that whoever used it can't guarantee it will attack the proper target or even a hostile one (friendly fire is just as easy), it is more like a damage over time death nuke

I also thought that monkey dying used to cause an instant aoe damage and stun, but maybe that was only in steam FA or even original supcom


I think the Ythotha is in a good spot, there is probably a better argument that the unit could do with a slight buff rather then a significant nerf.

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imo both the gc and Ythotha need sligth range nerfs


Why can the death lightening ball target units but not structures (assuming full intel)? Units within range are always hit, while structures within range are only hit apparently at random.


@ftxcommando said in Ythotha, time for a change:

It isn't a bunker buster, it's used to kill big t3 armies. Monkey sucks at killing big t3 armies.

Ehh design schema of ALL experimentals was/are bunker bustering (or more pedantically/specifically stalemate breaking). But that is neither here nor there.

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T4 dont need a nerf, T3 was just screwed way too hard. Aeon&seraphim have snipers, but bricks and percivals are utterly pathetic now. Nerfing T4 will make PD and air stronger

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Percy could be made human by adjusting bubble boy statline, cybran suffers from deep onset skill issue tho

Their first solution would be at least giving them an absolver, giant clumps of bricks isn’t really their end game land gameplan anyway at least.


The only thing about Ythotha is that is moves kinda goofy.


We've been trying to fix that, but to no avail 😞

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