Do any devs want to fix/maintain Phantom-X?

I won't commit to maintaining it, but if no-one volunteers in the near future I might have a brief look both to see if it's an easy fix, and if my AI is compatible with it. However my experience of Phantom is a grand total of watching 1 cast and part of 1 replay.

@maudlin27 it is likely related to this:

We completely re-implemented how the game state was computed to fix the infamous draw bug. In particular lua/sim/MatchState.lua

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Ill try to fix it tonight, if i cant figure it out ill give up and maudlin do it.

@jip it seems like phantom does its own thing for full share vs no share so maybe something in that is outdated. Ill look through it when i have a free period.

Just made a PR that should fix the issue. Just waiting on getting it merged/made a maintainer.

I, for one appreciate the effort, folx.

"Learn Lua and be the change" is something you've almost tempted this zero-experience old-guy to try, but now is not the time in my life where I have the time, so thank you to those of you that do. Best I can do at this point is try to isolate things we find in our games and bring them up to smarter people. 😄

@SpikeyNoob I can look at it tomorrow, can you share the link here?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I have uploaded phantom as a sim mod on the vault, the death issue is fixed in this version. Please let me know if anyone has issues. Also now u can play nomads and phantom!

Can't wait to try it. Thanks for your time folx!