LegendOfTheStars 2020 Qualifier Tournament #4

LegendOfTheStars Qualifier Tournament #4

Tournament Directors: FtXCommando, Tagada, Se7ven

Time: 21st of November, 15:00 UTC
Watch at: https://www.twitch.tv/faflive

This Tournament is part of the LegendOfTheStars End-of-the-Year 2020 Championship

Nexus Thread: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/283/legendofthestars-end-of-the-year-2020-championship
Challonge: https://challonge.com/exy3o359
IRC channel: #LotS_Tourney

This is a 1v1 tournament with no rating limit. To sign up, post your name below. If you do not have a forum account, you're lying. Everyone with a FAF Account can log into these forums.


Prize pool:

1st place: Winner of the LotS Qualifier Champion Avatar
2nd place: Faction Face Avatar
3rd place: Faction Face Avatar
4th place: Faction Logo Avatar

The four finalists in the tourney will earn a spot in the End-of-the-Year 2020 Championship Tournament!

Tournament style:

Single Elimination (BO1 & BO3)

Tournament rules:

See the Official FAF Tournament Rules.

Map pool:

  • Cobalt Valley (5x5)
  • Williamson's Bridge (5x5)
  • Rusting Iron Roundel (5x5)
  • Hardshield Oasis (5x5)
  • Aalhaven (10x10)
  • Adaptive Archsimkats Valley (10x10)
  • Abhor (10x10)
  • Arcane (10x10)
  • Loki - FAF Version (10x10)
  • Saltrock Colony (10x10)
  • Chiron(20x20)
  • Emerald Crater (20x20)
  • The Drunken Beetles Dance (20x20)
  • Osiris (20x20)
  • Seton's Clutch - FAF Version (20x20)

Choosing Maps:

In order to select the maps played for each BO3, the two participants in each bracket stage will discuss amongst themselves which maps they would like to veto. Each player will be given the right to 3 vetoes and the bottom player in the bracket will be given the first veto. Each player will also submit vetoes sequentially.

Once the list is down to 9 maps, the players will be given the right to pick which of the nine they wish to play. The bottom seed will be given the right to pick the first map and the top seed will pick the second. The players will then report the list of maps alongside the two they pick to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director will pick the third map from the list of potential maps in the case of a tie. Do note if a segment of the tournament is lagging behind the rest of the tournament, the Tournament Director reserves the right to require the players to play different maps from their chosen maps in order to speed their section up.

Choosing Factions:

Both players will also message the Tournament Director the 2 factions they pick to potentially play in their first game alongside the faction they wish to veto in that first game once they have decided on the first map. They will repeat this as their games go on in their BO3. A veto only applies to their opponent, so it is perfectly viable to pick a faction and veto it. If players deviate from their given factions, then they will forfeit the round on that map. A faction selection is final once given to the Tournament Director and cannot be edited later on. If a map was picked by a player in a preceding round and then picked again in another round, they are able to pick a different faction if they so wish.


This Qualifier will see a couple adjustments in order to expedite games. Mainly, the RO16 will be a BO1 played on Loki - FAF Version rather than a BO3. In addition, the final itself will be a BO3 operating the same way as the rest of the tourney rather than a BO5.

I will also be adjusting the way that groups are chosen in this qualifier. Instead of the spots being preordained before the tournament, instead people will be able to choose their group placement based on their placement in the tournament. This means that 1st place gets first pick for their group placement and 4th will get whatever is left after the other players chose their group.


1st: TURBO2
2nd: Paralon
3rd: Blast_Chilled
4th: Blodir

Current sign ups:

Blodir (2308)
Paralon (2161)
Farmsletje (2138)
TURBO2 (2133)
Yudi (2129)
Blast (2007)
WoundedElk (2002)
Tex (1959)
Eternal (1855)
Explosive (1798)
bennis (1730)
hybrid (1727)
silentNoob (1713)
Morax (1708)
StormLantern (1551)
FunkOff (1522)
harzer99 (1488)
demonstreamer666 (1423)
Lucied (1359)
PlasmaLightning (1272)

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Adjusted the timing to account for day light savings, some people said it worked better with their schedules. This means tourney will start an hour later than last qualifier. The time in the post was adjusted to account for this.

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