Weekly Discussion #23 - T2 MMLs

A lil behind schedule due to the holidays, but discuss the above.

Make build time Less so you can get them where you need them faster

Make build time Less so you can get them where you need them faster

Absolutely required if you're going to base bust at T2, until the base in question gets too much T2 artillery.

UEF: good, potential to overwhelm, poor fire rate, good missile speed, not much else to say.
Cybran: Scary, unless you're Aeon they can overwhelm pretty fast. Good fire rate, fair missile speed.
Aeon: Terrible missile speed, poor fire rate, great damage, higher splash but negligible.
Seraphim: Awesome, great missile speed, good damage, higher chance to hit something moving.

They are a pointless waste of mass, you should put the mass into mexes and then a t3 land HQ and build t3 mobile arty

I've managed to crank out a handful of MMLs and break a defensive position with some success. I've also waited for T3 mobile Art and lost pretty badly attempting to base bust. The size of the map and available resources have/had a lot to do with which strategy works better.

Yeah they could really use a buff in my opinion

Viper's missile should split into 2 rather than 3. Increase the damage of each missile accordingly. This should help with it's strength as it's the best MML by a long shot.

It's basically a Mini-Spearhead.

The same could be applied to the Cybran TML too as the split really makes them really effective. Though, arguably this could be left as is since this structure is more expensive.

As for Aeon MML maybe increase the fire rate by 20% and reduce the damage by 20%?

The Evensong suffers from fire rate and accuracy but it hits hard which arguably does make up for it , in my opinion. But... The unit still feels off.

So, I recommend a slight tweak of -20% damage and +20% fire rate.

UEF and Sera MMLs are ina. Good spot, in my opinion. L
They should be left as is.

And I hope you don't mind me mentioning the Spearhead here, (as it's the only T3 MML) but... I'd just say increase the fire rate of the volley, so the missiles are slightly more clumped/dense together or, make the volley indefinite but with a longer wait time between shots. Like the Sera Cruiser. Might want to reduce the damage a bit if it does fire indefinitely.

Though I have always wondered what would happen if you add in a new ability. A type of ability where they deploy and fire much faster and longer range or something.

~ Stryker

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Desperately needs a big buff.

Both the speed at which you can bring sufficient numbers of mml units to the front to make an impact, and their lackluster dps against buildings and shields is a problem. This unit's sole role is to kill stationary buildings. Why is it taking ages to do so?

TMD is also too effective against T2 MMLs. Bringing MML as a counter to a t2 com turret creeping or firebasing is a massive investment in both resources and time. The counter-to-the-counter, building TMD alongside the PDs, comes at a lower cost and requires no additional preparation.

Cybran is the least bad MML, as it doesn't suffer as much from the second problem. But even with cybran, it takes a lot of MMLs (= a lot of time and mass investment) to kill static defences in decent time.

I think damage and firing cycle-wise they're in a healthy and interesting (as far as faction diversity is concerned) place. What they could use is a cost adjustment.

They are each currently 200 mass. Which is a tad expensive. I suggest the following:

Cybran: 200 > 180
UEF: 200 > 170
Seraphim: 200 > 160
Aeon: 200 > 150

This cost difference matches the idea behind each faction's TMLs. (Edit: correction, sera TMLs are more expensive than UEF, but I think UEF MMLs are currently the more capable of the two.

Don't think the faction differences justify the cost difference existing tbh

I guess they are like subs. Can get decent value in very specific scenarios but probably don't overbuild them

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