Why seraphim dont have RAS?

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tips playing vs a turtle guy as Seraphin will be appreciated.

If you want to make RAS boys, kidnap one of your opponent's engineers. Load a transport with engies, drop it next to an enemy engie or factory, capture it, put the engineer in your transport, fly home.

I wrote a guide to 1v1s. It has a section on how to beat turtle players.

If you get to point where you can't keep ecoing, then you should just invest in weapons to crack your opponent. When he makes RAS boys, you can make Ahwassas. If you think 1 isn't enough, make 2 or 3.

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If your match gets to Ras bois it's not really a match, should be over by then.

That's a wildly sweeping overgeneralization.

It's not a sweeping overgeneralization. It's truth. A ras lad takes 10 minutes to pay off. In that time you can have a fucking paragon running.

If you have more than 10 ras boys you’re playing pretty bad. Mass fab grids are better for scaling after t2 mass fab rings. You make boys for the bp and the small eco boost that can ideally be used for further mass fabs until you reach game ender stage.

They aren’t essential and can be replaced with t3 engies. You got a better argument for demanding aeon and phim getting engie stations than RAS SCUs for phim, frankly.

Look for mistakes at the beginning of your games, not the end.

I may be dumb, but I use a blueprint with a T3 shield at the center with it's entire protected area covered with T2 fabs + 4 T3 pgens. The blueprint is a bit pain, because different factions have different T3 shield radius, and there is Cybrans... Or maybe the best idea would be to use the radius of the Cybran ED4, so that you don't lose much in case it all explodes.

P.S. https://forum.faforever.com/topic/5347

I worry about ideas that incentivize you to convert your ACU into a mobile nuke tbh. I’d want a reworked ACU explosion to make that idea work.

Idk I think it's a fair question in general. Why does sera not have ras bois? Is there any particular reason for the exclusion, or is it just an unnecessary annoyance?

Because they have overcharge SCUs that are way cooler and more fun, and their unupgraded SCUs generate more resources.

Seraphim have some of the biggest, most protective shield domes. Dig your heels in like your success depends on it, because it does.

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A ras lad takes 10 minutes to pay off. In that time you can have a fucking paragon running.

What on earth are you talking about? Do you know Sera can't make a Paragon? You're making no sense. What does a fucking paragon have to do with Sera not having Ras Acus?


Ras SACU are the natural eco upgrade after Ras on ACU which is the natural upgrade after ringing all t3 mexes that you can safely defend. Sera needs the mobile eco option just as the other races do. Giving them overcharge SACUs as compensation is not balanced or logical. The three other races have RAS SACU, what is the critical thinking behind Sera not having them?

Are you that stupid...

Lol. News flash: RAS bois are a meme and nowhere near as good or efficient as you seem to think they are.

@exselsior Mobile economy can ignore game-enders, and all you need is to spread gateways and order RAS spam while you micro somewhere else. Mostly happens on Seton's Clatch (https://youtu.be/saAkZlZfDoQ?t=2922). They just go underwater and have fun killing them.

You people aren't even funny, hope you are aware of that.

@casternumerouno Did your parents not teach you not to litter in forum threads? Have some self-control, you are wasting the time of people who are reading what you write.

Overcharge is only useful if you go and use it. Whereas mass and power income improvements are constant.

Sera unupgraded SACUS:
Mass cost 2050 - output 2 mass
Power cost 26000 - output 200 power

So thats roughly 1 mass recieved per 1K mass cost.

Now lets look at eg Cybran RAS ACUs:
Mass cost 6500 - output 11 mass
Power cost 116400 - output 1020 power

So that's roughly 2 mass recieved per 1k cost.

Sera needs RAS ACUS, their unupgraded SACUs are pitiful in comparison.

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Lol. News flash: RAS bois are a meme and nowhere near as good or efficient as you seem to think they are.

Lol. News flash. The topic of debate in this thread is that the races should have rough parity in availabilty and quality of RAS SACUs. You seem to think this is a thread on how good RAS bois are. You are wrong. Tool.

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Are you that stupid...

What's your informed, educated and clearly set out argument on Sera RAS ACU availablity then. Come on, teach us your wise ways.

I have probably ~1k games played on Seton's at the ~1800+ level by this point. Sera doesn't need ras bois to be competitive. The times you see guys like Yudi win games with epic ras boi spam are also games Yudi could have won 50 other ways. Hardly ever is ras boi spam the truly best way to win the game, and for the less than 1% of the time that they actually are the best way to win who cares? There are games that I would have won if I was Sera and could have made a washer. Should we give the other factions a washer? There are games I lost because the only game ender I could make was a scathis and I really needed a mavor or para + salv spam. Should we give every faction a mavor like weapon? No and no.

Edit: Those games I lost that I might have won as a different factions are still skill issues on my part. If you replaced myself with Yudi/Tagada/Farms or whoever they probably would have won.