Impossible toImpossibility of authorization in the client. (Problems with the Client)

Greetings. I've run into a problem that's looming over me. I downloaded a new client, since the old one was no longer supported, because I had not played for a long time. I downloaded a new one, installed it, and I cannot log in, there are no lines to fill in the data, although I am authorized on the official website. I met this problem before, and the only thing that helped me was people threw off the old-style client, I was able to play with it, but now I can’t even with it, so I deleted it, I decided to download a new one. But the problems of the past won't let me go. 366c7742-3804-4e67-a141-0e1793fc348c-image.png


Для меня это выглядит так.
Важно что внизу отображается
"окружение main server commended"

Когда нажимаешь "авторизоваться" Страница в браузере не открывается? А если временно поменять браузер по умолчанию? Может сначала открыть браузер а потом открыть фаф и попробовать ещё раз нажать авторизоваться.

Кроме как переустановить не уверен что предложить
Ещё убедись что скачал клиент с а не откуда-то ещё

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With regards to "Environment", I have no options in this line. Well, I downloaded the client 100% from the official site. And when I press the authorization button, nothing happens.

Check access to
It should throw a 403 Forbidden error

And we need client log file C:\Users{User}\AppData\Roaming\Forged Alliance Forever\logs

@marcspector Yes, it throws the prescribed "403" error.

Here are all the contents in the "Logs" files.


I see an error:
java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: Connect timed out

Client cannot read config from

I made a mistake with the link. Check access to please.

You should see something like this


Maybe something prevents the client from reading it. For example, an antivirus or firewall.
Try to run the client as admin


I went through the link and saw everything that was thrown off. However, when I run it as administrator, I get this window. when choosing "yes" I go to the client (the Problem does not change), and when "no" the client is disconnected.


@Sheikah Could you help with this?

It is just as you said. The client cannot read from https:/// So there is some networking issue that is stopping the client.

From the logs it looks like it is some certificate problem but that is really all I can glean from it.

And.... How can this be fixed, gentlemen?


As I said, I met this problem before, and the only thing that helped me was the old-style client that started and worked, but now it didn’t want to work, apparently from sudden death due to unprofitability.

Just use VPN to download stuff

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@eternal With a new client or an old one?

That is not a stack trace from FAF. You have to make sure you download the official client on and connect to the main server.

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