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Would it be possible to turn leading a target on and off? Like a unit ability button? Or maybe ground fire mode stops leading the target and the other modes leads it?

If T1 arty had 2 different weapons, one with leading and one without, you could have a toggle button to switch between them. That's how the Cybran T1 MAA used to work before FAF fixed it.

The issue with this approach is that by toggling you can double the fire rate. I won't dive into the details, but it is a known glitch that applies to some units that - as far as I know for now - is not something we can fix.

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Once I dropped an undefended T3 UEF mex with 6 cybran arties. Kill time is something like 40 seconds if I remember right.

Since then, whenever I'm going for drops cybran, I'm actually considering dropping mantis instead of arty.

There is a similar underwhelming experience when you try to clear an early t1 pd with the 1-2 arty you have around. All other factions: no problem. Cybran: better wait until the pd dies of old age.

i think the guy that fixed the cybran t1 arty model should get some love

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Obligatory whine post: beetles used to be an OP alternative to cybran arty drops. Now they're much less so. Taking up 2 slots instead of one cuts down the number you can load to cybran transports by two thirds and there's not enough single-target damage to justify droping just two or three of them.

What are you talking about? A T1 trans can fit in 6 Beetles

There was a point when beetles took up 2 slots, was it reversed?

That got readjusted back when beetle was converted into an aoe bomb that does 1500 damage

Okay, mea culpa. I guess it's somewhat of an alternative for drops, you pay 5x more for 5 arty shots worth of damage with more AoE. Not good for mexes, maybe better for pgens and clumps of engies.

Maybe people should stop trying to snipe things with the unit that was explicitly rebalanced for use against armies rather than sniping.

They are nice for sniping clumped t2 power under a shield though. But you need t2, so no real option for a cheaper t1 drop to do real damage.