Predictive economy UI mod.

This is a humble request for someone to make a UI mod which predicts the future state of your economy and graphs it for you onscreen.
When it comes to economy, excluding interference from the enemy, I don't see why it should not be possible to accurately predict the future state of your eco. Regrettably I have negligible coding ability so if someone thinks this is a good idea please make such a wonderful mod!

First, why?

Second, it's pretty much impossible. Even if your enemy doesn't attack (which will hardly ever happen), there are dozens of variables.

  • There are many different ways to eco, some more efficient than others.
  • Are you going for air? You'll be ecoing more into power than mass
  • How much economy are you spending on troops?
  • How much reclaim are you getting?
  • What's the engineer walk time between mex upgrades?
  • Are you getting anything from ally overflow?

And countless more. If you could keep track of and predict all that you're looking at an AI that could play much better than any human player.

I think its possible but hard to do and idk why youd want it, for anything that changes like deribus said tho, it wouldnt really matter for showing "assuming nothing changes" graph of what will happen to eco over time given current situation and queued orders, its all possible to calculate due to deterministic nature of supcom simulation (thats how replays work in first place, this would simply be taking current queued orders of every unit and simulating very simplified what happens over time to eco yield with no new orders or changes to existing ones) although complex (and probably cpu intensive however simplified it may be), and again, for what reason?

I think just showing the percentage of mass going into eco and going into units would be more helpful. Since on most maps the main gameplay decision is between putting mass in to eco and spamming. But eventually you will get an intuition about how many mexes are currently upgradeing/ how much buildpower is on them.

The Supreme Economy UI mod shows you how much you are spending on what in real-time.

sounds difficult, wouldn't be better to create a mod that helps you with build order. Mod that would help you to follow certain actions, what to build, where to send engies etc. Or maybe even memorize build orders so one can create own

@ThomasHiatt said in Predictive economy UI mod.:

The Supreme Economy UI mod shows you how much you are spending on what in real-time.

so does superior "UI party" mod

Has no-one here ever had their economy tank because they sunk too much build power into a resource heavy project and had previously though they had the eco for it? Or qued up something then later asked yourself why you all of a sudden have no energy? Or set many engi's to build stuff, thought everything would be fine, then once they arrive at their build site they eat all your hard earned mass? A mod for graphing the future state of your eco would help probably every single player below 1000 rating, because you'd be able to see your stupidity in advance and avoid the problem!

We all had those eco stalls.
Part of becoming better is how early you realise imbalances or mistakes and how u reakt to them.
A small thing that can already help maybe:
If you look at upgrades or structures / Units there is a UI info on the left, wich tells you how much mass /power it will cost per second.

shounds like a mod that would just count amount of mass in storage, divide it by net mass drain per some time period and tell that you at this rate you will start stalling in 30 seconds or start wasting time in 30 seconds

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Here, I made you a mod that let's you see your storages and also your net drain so you can extrapolate when you will stall:

Oh wait, it is already in the game. You are so lucky! I recommend watching those bars regularly.

Factory drains 4 mass/sec, most of construction like factories, pgens drain 4 mass/s per 5 BP (1 engie).
In regards of energy, building factories and pgens is expesive, Air factory drains a lot of e, Land factories drains only 20.
In more Detail:
You need 2 mexes + 1 pgen to run t1 factory. You need 1 mex + 4 pgens to run Air fac. You need 2 mex + 2 pgens to build factory per 5 BP (1 engie), 1.5 mex and 1.5 pgen to build a pgen per 5 BP ( 1 engie)
Everything else is too complex for human brain to calculate in real time during the game and so is done by experience by playing hundreds of games.