A draw counted as a win if you kill enemy's ACU with Ctrl+K of your ACU


Just reporting about a bug
You can gain a win by killing enemy's com with Ctrl+K of your com
Had 2 my games which ended like this
And 1 game by ZLO
In ZLO's case enemy's com died not even from explosion itself (died a bit later after ZLO suicided his ACU)


Screens of rating change. All of these must be draw.
alt text

(All of these were ladder games)


This bug is still happening. For example, game #13268730

Poor @bjorn, he lost 5 games in a row, then @matri drawed him and it counts as loss #6. Not fair!


Known bug. Askaholic fixed it a while ago but the fix resulted in wins not counting on ladder. So it was reverted and now the bug is back.

The way the game reports results is cursed and I’m not sure anyone is really motivated to attempt a second look at it right now.


Apparently, genuine draws count as a loss for the one who dies first. Replay ID: https://replay.faforever.com/13647599

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