Faf Client crash (it becomes unclickable or fully black)

Hello everyone,

Since a few weeks I have issues with my FAF client. At some point it starts to not respond: I cannot click on any icon inside and it can turn to a black screen (and finally it can crash but without any error message).

When I say "at some point", I mean that after if for instance if I do something on my computer and then come back on FAF, or if I do alt-tab from the game and try to "re open" FAF.

I don't think the image below will be super useful but when I say it turns to a black screen I mean this:


I un-installed it and re-installed it but there is still this issue.

How can I fix it?

Thanks a lot.

Can you post the windows error log about those crashes, when there are no faf log files?

Edit: Try window mode, instead of full screen (Usually it bugs with alt+tab). If it is the case, you can go for a fake full screen script with AHK.

Not sure how much it will help but I had similar issue when aggressively re-clocking GPU memory or sometimes while making new DAG for ETH. Basically in my case it was GPU memory being pushed way to hard for the client to handle.

Do what you will with that info.


also got this symptom that the faf-client often gets unresponsive (nothing is clickable or getting black if scaled), and also crashing my PC mid-game.
When i managed to start a game, the errors shown in the game-log often include something with:

warning: c:\work\rts\main\code\src\libs\gpggal\DeviceD3D9.cpp(937) Device lost

This is also only a symptom imo, because it's not always the case. Memory-issues always producing wild errors, therefore i would not focus on that.

A quick analysis from windows-log showing:

Windows hat diagnostiziert, dass der virtuelle Speicher unzureichend ist. Die folgenden Programme belegten den meisten virtuellen Speicher: faf-client.exe (10364) belegt 151689928704 Bytes, ForgedAlliance.exe (6160) belegt 935206912 Bytes und explorer.exe (6980) belegt 438464512 Bytes.

Translation: windows has no virtual memory left bc. faf-client is using 150 GB virtual memory after ~45min.

Unresponsive faf-client and the memory-leak could be unrelated, but i doubt that.
Before i make any other assumptions that are misleading, here the logs:


Thanks for your help.

Faf client need Virtual memory


It is a bit unclear what program you have a problem with. Is it A) The game or B) the community client? Can you run the game without the client, for example directly from Steam?

@Eternal munch munch 150GB

Happened again that the faf-client was exhausting the 150GB virtual memory.
How should i proceed with this? i can't reproduce this reliable , but it happens every 1-3 days.
Can also create a new post, since op is not replying and i don't know if he also got this virtual memory issue

@katharsas I have the problem with the Client (FAF Client). The game works perfectly.
@magge Do you have a comprehensive link explaining how to do it? Also when you talk about windowed mode, don't you assume that it is my game that is crashing? The alt-tab from the ingame was an example, if I am on my desktop and I open google chrome then go back to FAF Client, it can make this client crash (usually first unresponsive and then going black if I move this screen for instance).
@CasterNumeroUno Thanks. However I am not mining.

The symptoms described by @clint089 are exactly what I am experiencing. As he said, it does not turn black directly but it starts to be unresponsive. Then when I try to move the faf client screen or scale it up it can turn black.

Try disabling GPU / enabling software rendering by adding -Dprism.order=sw as an additional line to C:\Program Files\Downlord's FAF Client\downlords-faf-client.vmoptions, also remove -Dprism.forceGPU=true from the file.

@katharsas said in Faf Client crash (it becomes unclickable or fully black):

Try disabling GPU / enabling software rendering by adding -Dprism.order=sw as an additional line to C:\Program Files\Downlord's FAF Client\downlords-faf-client.vmoptions, also remove -Dprism.forceGPU=true from the file.

I just did that, and it still crashs.

[edit]: This change seems to make the situation actually worse. Now it seems to crash each time I open FAF client.

Ok well can't do more then just guess here. I would assume that either client data or something about your drivers is wrong/corrupted. Client reinstalling might help, or windows reinstall if nothing else helps.

Ok, thanks anyway for your time. (I already reinstalled client but it didnt change anything, maybe reinstalling windows will be the only option). In any case it seems I am not the only one to have this issue though (given the post from @clint089 )

Check this


@eternal You ask me to put 3277 MB there?

This is what I have currently (automatically chosen by the computer):


@freemp Then it is fine, check older versions?

@eternal You mean I should check if I still have the bug with older versions of FAF Client?

If that does not work - The fastest solution by now would be simply to reinstall windows, the problem is too obscure to debug it for hours/days to have "maybe" a solution, especially if you are not that tech-savvy.

@magge fastest solution - use my client.

At least he would be able to play games

or use legacy client, i guess it is still in work