Put Rank Decay in the client plz

I'm really overrated after a year of not playing regularly and I don't want to intentionally throw 30 shitter games so i can feel comfortable in games with people properly rated. It'd be nice if rank dropped like 50 points for every month of inactivity or something like that to help bridge the gap

Not playing for a year does not turn Blackheart into a 1400.

Alright guess im gonna intentionally throw games until i feel about right

Same shit. I didn't played any games at all these years, my hand forgot the game and moves, I losing games. But this doesn't mean I throwing them, I just can't play as I was year or two before. Blackheart maybe left the faf but he probably never stopped to play games. He was active and still in good shape in other games.

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And if blackeart was turned into 1400 he would probably climb again where he belongs and I don't see any problem in this scenario. Winning games with stack team or winning games because he was lowrated

What about the scenario where you just unrust for 10 games and then your rating will already have adjusted a bit to accommodate for your performace

I have stopped playing 18 months ago but I'm still often connected, watching replays during my mid break.
If my rating had decreased, I would probably enjoy playing some seton, but with the current system, I know that I would be overrated, and just piss my teammates, so I don’t try, and i don't have the will or time to host and play some 1v1 to un-rust and decrease my rating ...
I'm not telling the system should be different, just giving you an example of how it may hold back some player like me.

What type of things do other games do in this situation?

Some people mentioned team games or team maps, so is this a social problem? If you only played 1v1 would you still want rank decay? Or is this about letting your team down? If the change allows mid-rank players to achieve a win rate >50% then it just creates a smurf-lite system.

In 1v1 just eat the losses.

In team games, one bad lane can lose the game. Maybe this is what makes gap so popular since it's less prone to this. There's also thermo, which is quite literally one lane. Other games aren't so dependant on one person at the casual level, and the one's that are also tend to be very salty. Maybe there could be some push towards maps with lane sharing for casuals. Maybe 8v8 winter dual was always the best map after all.

Anyway, only solution I can think of is to play easier maps.

I don't see a good solution for this beyond just playing through the overratedness.

Similar to how players who focus on Astro or Gap and are thus overrated will stay playing Astro or Gap.

Any means to quickly demote would be exploited by jerks who like to smurf.

@ovenman said in Put Rank Decay in the client plz:

Some people mentioned team games or team maps, so is this a social problem? If you only played 1v1 would you still want rank decay? Or is this about letting your team down? If the change allows mid-rank players to achieve a win rate >50% then it just creates a smurf-lite system.

In 1v1 just eat the losses.

In my situation, it’s a gaming experience issue, that would not occur if I wanted to play 1v1. Because i would be able to play /un-rust / un-rank at any time when i want to play a game.
But If I come back, it's to play a friendly casual game like twice a month on setons.
But in the current situation (I'm around 1700 global), if I join a 1400+ lobby, other players will expect me to play like a 1700, but I would probably not beat a 1200 in my first game without spending time un-rusting, remember bo ...
If I join a lower-rated lobby, people will expect me to carry, and I won’t. So I'll probably get shout at in both situations.

The alternative would be to host some 1v1, un-rust, loose rating then join a seton game.
But well... I don't want to spend 2 days before getting in a team game. Like I say, I would barely find the time to play twice a month...

It's FAF. You'll get shout at in EVERY situation regardless of your rating.

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So as I understand it the rank displayed is not the actual rank. For instance if my ACTUAL rank is 1500 but the uncertainty is +-300 then my rank will be DISPLAYED as 1200.

So why not keep decay the same (I think it's -1 a month or something?) but have uncertainty increase much faster? Then peoples' ranks will be DISPLAYED lower which will make them happy. And as I understand it the higher your uncertainty the faster your rank changes, so if people are gone for two years and have high uncertainty and lose their first two games back, their rank would drop. Thus it would only take a few games before the rank adjusts, but in the mean time, a lower rank would be displayed, resolving issues like @Th3-11 s.


I proposed increasing uncertainty over time, but this was not implemented. So, there is currently no decay or uncertainty increase due to time passing.

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The problem with uncertainty increase is that it can make the problems worse. When you are returning after a long time you will probably forget to do some very basic stuff in the first one to two games. So will probably lose even if you get matched 200 rating lower or whatever the exact number will be. You will then be able to realtively quickly remember the basics and improve again. Maybe not exactly to your old rating, but to somewhere near that.
Now, a sigma increase means that your rating changes more. So during the first games your rating will drop harder than normally, at the same time sigma automatically decreases again, so it makes it harder to rank up again. With this system your rating will behave inversely to your actual skill.
Trueskill always lags some games behind your actual perfomance, because it needs to react to your game performance. My argument is that this drop in game performance due to unrusting after a break is too short to sensibly try to account for it with trueskill. If you make trueskill react to it strongly, the drop in rating will come too late and do more harm than good.

Just showing leagues instead of rating and having the leagues decay, should fix this issue or not?

The leagues already do decay.

@nex this league system is useless with this amount of players in matchmaking, the rating system is still better because it has history and player base